The following is a true story about events which took place about a year ago. Although it happened some time ago the images are still fresh in my mind and I feel the need to get it off my chest.
My wife and I started dating in university. I was studying to be a teacher and her a physicist. We started dating and there was instant attraction, we started having sex not too long into the relationship. We would always meet every chance we got in those days. After school ended we decided to get married, I was 25 and she was 24. Going into our relationship I always knew that she was the more sexually experienced of the two of us, but this did not really bother me. Soon after we got married my wife was pregnant with our first, and only child. Taking care of our son at first consumed both of our lives.
During the pregnancy, my usually very skinny wife had put on a few pounds. She started going to the gym to work the weight off and in no time was looking back to normal. The only difference was that her hips were now pushed out giving her and fuller figure, with still no fat to speak of. My wife is an extremely attractive woman to me. She’s 5’7″ with a very thin build. Not much in the way of breasts, but her legs and ass more than make up for that. She has long brown hair, and very pretty face with soft features and brown eyes. I’ve always gotten hard just from touching her. She did a great job of staying in shape, handling a small family and preparing for her career.
I bed Michelle was always the submissive one. She loved getting it doggie style and having her hair pulled while doing it. She was quite wild in bed, she had rape fantasies, threesome fantasies and all sorts of others. But that’s mostly what they were, she would not have done most of the things we talked about. My wife was always quite vocal during sex and we would tell eachother fantasies while screwing. For years it always did the trick for getting both of us off. I loved fucking her skinny fit body, she is so sexy.
She soon got a job as a research scientist at the weather office; I was working a school for my first teaching job so things were going pretty well. Our son was now old enough for daycare so we could both work. I worked five day weeks, but my wife only worked four. She was on compressed days so she worked longer hours on the four she did work. Life seemed to be going at a normal pace. Nothing could have really prepared me for what happened.
One Friday we only had a half day at the school because of parent teacher interviews. I had some interviews in the morning but was done around 11:20. I decided to go home to relax. When I got there I saw a strange car in the driveway. I didn’t recognize it as a friend of any of ours, plus they would all be working. I decided to go around the back and enter the house through the basement entrance. I went in quietly at first and heard nothing from the main floor. But as I went up the stairs heard the noises of my wife being frantically fucked. I froze in shock and listened for about five minutes.
My wife was talking dirty to him, not something completely out of character. Things like “fuck me, fuck my pussy” were said. Then she screamed out, “you have such a big dick”. As I would soon find out she was not lying. They continued to bang away, with me standing on the bottom of the stairs. Then I got my head sort of straight and headed up for the bedroom.
I opened the door and there they were my wife and a man I recognized right away. He was the guy I would she her standing with sometimes when I went to pick her up from the gym. He was a big muscular black man and he was fucking my wife on our bed, and he was showing no signs of stopping. I yelled, “you’re fucking my wife!!???”
He just said, “yes, I am” in return and kept going.
I was frozen in shock. From my view all I could she was my wife’s legs up in the air and a black ass pumping away at her. And to top it all off she was still moaning and screaming for more. He had no problem giving it to her. He was giving it to her harder and better than I could have ever done. After about 5 more minutes of fucking I saw him tense up and start to cum in my wife’s pussy. I couldn’t believe this guy just came in my wife on our wedding bed. At first I couldn’t ell if he had a condom on or not, I hoped he did. I got my answer when I saw him remove the biggest dick I have ever seen from my wife’s pussy. It wasn’t even fully hard anymore and it was still huge. He had no condom on it either. Right in front of me he leaned forward and kissed my wife.
I felt so much rage toward this guy. As he was getting up I went to attack him, a very bad move. Soon enough this naked black guy was kicking my ass like I was nothing. All I remember from the beat down was his big dick flapping in the air as he stomped on me. The same dick that just fucked my wife and was dripping with a mixture of their cum. All the while shouting at me to get up and calling me a bitch. Then he grabbed me by the collar and lifted me up and told if I raised a hand at my wife he would come back and beat me double.
After that he just got dressed and left. Left me on the floor, beaten and my wife lying on the bed fucked. I must have sat there for an hour until I heard a little voice. It was my wife’s saying, “I’m sorry” and, “It’s the only time that it happened”. I didn’t now what to say, this was going to ruin my whole life. The rest of the night consisted of my wife tending to my bruises and telling me how much she loved me and that she didn’t want to lose what we had and so forth. While she tended to my injuries I started to get strangely submissive to her. Even though I never imagined early that day that my wife and I would be making love we did that night. I couldn’t make her scream like her lover did but it was still good. I noticed that she was looser and that couldn’t be helped. She seemed so innocent in the whole thing that I had to forgive her. The way she made it sound was that she didn’t want it to happen. But when I asked if she enjoyed it she said that she did.
I days following what happened we talked about it. My wife agreed to stop seeing the black man and that we would consider it a one time thing. After that I wanted to consider it over and done with. Still on a few Fridays I would come by to check on the house finding nothing each time. It was also hard not to feel bad about it, I had been completely humiliated by that guy. I pictured him telling his friends about the married woman he fucked and the husband he beat up. And no matter how hard I tried to fuck my wife I could never get the reaction I saw when he was fucking her. I also felt inferior to him because of his large dick. He really was a well build man I’m guessing around 6’6″ muscles everywhere. Like the muscles on his ass that strained as he pumped his load into my wife. Every black man I saw from that point on has intimidated me, even the black students in my classes. I couldn’t believe my wife was fucking one
One day my wife and I were sharing some alone time when she got all emotional and told me that she had something to tell me. Then she confessed that she continued to fuck that guy after that time. That they would fuck after work sometimes or whenever else they could. And the worst part was that she was pregnant and he wanted her to keep it. She assured me that it wasn’t my fault, it’s just that she fell in love. She admitted that the reason she was going was sexually motivated and that he did things to her body that I just couldn’t. I didn’t know what to say, the woman that I loved was leaving me because I couldn’t fuck her well enough. She let me fuck her one more time before we separated. She wasn’t to into it but I got off hard. The whole thing has left me humiliated and a single father.
Right now we are going through a divorce. One that is very embarrassing for me since by the time it’s finished she will be having a black baby. And someday my son will know that mommy left me for a black man. All of this is very hard to deal with as well as the fact that I find the whole thing rather arousing. And that image burned into my mind of my wife’s legs up in the air and that black ass pumping away. Her screaming and talking dirty. I masturbate thinking about it and that is not helping me move on with my life. Also going around feeling intimidated by black men does not help matters. Also knowing that my wife is screwing her brains out every night is not a comforting thought.

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