The handsome stranger’s eyes immediately riveted on my wife’s perky B-cup tits, already semi-hard nipples pointing right at him as he entered the front door of our house. Her see-through camisole didn’t hide a thing, it merely shadowed her firm round breasts in a darker color. Stacie was frozen in place, not expecting anyone to be accompanying me as I got home from work. Standing in place in our foyer, her back slightly arched, my almost-nude wife looked at the face of the handsome stranger without much of a reaction.

I shut the front door, standing patiently to the side, and watched these two get their first look at each other. Besides the see-through black camisole, Stacie was wearing only a black lace thong. I’d called her from the car, telling her I wanted her dressed in her “Sunday best” when I got home — it was our code word for one of these little slutty outfits. She’d probably figured I wanted to get some for myself after an extra-long day at work. Instead I’d detoured to pick up this guy Andrew. As Stacie was now finding out, Andrew was pretty much a good find. Standing several inches taller than me, he was easily over 6 feet, he had broad shoulders, thick torso, fit tummy and hips, and really powerful-looking thighs in his slacks. He had a buzz-cut on the dome and two-day stubble on his square, steely chin. Cold blue eyes were set deep behind an unobtrusive nose.

I hardly had to see much of Andrew’s reaction to Stacie; he’d seen several pictures of MPEGs I’d sent him of my slutty wife. I think, I could tell from his face, that Stacie was as hot in person as he’d guessed from her pictures and movies.

So I focused on my wife, absorbing her reaction with satisfaction. Her eyes first caught his, seeing that he was a complete stranger to her. Her eyes then flickered down to his manly chest, his firm waistline, this thick thighs. I could tell she was sizing the package in his slacks; her gaze lingered on his crotch. Then she looked up again at Andrew’s face, finding the stranger staring at her basically nude tits, then down at her thin hips and the tight little thong on her pussy mound. Her body didn’t flinch, she remained standing still as her body was scanned over by this stud stranger.

Time for introductions, of course. I meekly coughed to break the moment of ice as my wife and this stud looked each other over. “This is my very horny wife,” I needlessly told Andrew, “who I’m sure is glad to meet you.” Stacie didn’t break a smile, just looking right into Andrew’s eyes. I continued, “Baby, this is a new friend, he wanted to meet you.”

My brunette wife’s face turned up a little smile. “Hi,” she breathed almost silently.

I pretended to guffaw. “Baby, is that any way to welcome a guest?” I shook my head. “Go over and make him feel welcome — why don’t you go suck his cock for him and show him what a hot little cocksucking slut you are, I bet he’d like that.”

Andrew snickered, leaning against the closed door. I’d told him, watch, she’ll suck you off the moment you walk in the door. And do I know my wife or what? Stacie let out only the smallest of smiles, really looking very calm, as she stepped over to Andrew and immediately dropped to her knees. Andrew looked at me with satisfaction, kind of a “you were right!” look, as he parted his knees a little and stood upright. My petite wife’s small hands were already opening his belt and, a moment later, unfastening and unzipping his trousers. Zzzzip. She pulled the zipper right down, and without wasting a moment her hands went up to the top edge of the slacks. Her fingers hooked under the slacks and his underwear inside, tugging them down. Andrew helped push them down a bit, over his ass, until she could freely pull them to his ankles.

His fat erection dropped right into my wife’s face. I made sure to pick a good “new friend.” His meat was 8 inches long and as thick as a fist at the base. The swollen head was already leaking precum, glistening in the foyer’s bright lights. Man he was already turned on before we got to my house, and seeing Stacie’s sexy body obviously helped. Myself, I was rock-hard in my pants, seeing my wife kneeling almost naked in front of a guy whose name she didn’t know, about to suck his dick on command.

“Long enough for you?” I laughed to her.

Stacie’s hand was now at the base of Andrew’s dick, stroking it, pointing the cockhead to her mouth. “Oh I love your huge cock,” she muttered, not taking her eyes off of it. “I love big cocks so much.”

What a fucking slut, a second later her puffy red lips were wrapped around Andrew’s cockhead. He groaned, pushing his pelvis forward to her wet warm mouth. Stacie has sucked dozens of cocks in front of me, and she is one fucking awesome suck. Making a vacuum in her mouth she sucked his dick deep into her mouth, her tongue licking the soft underside, until the cockhead was at the back of her mouth. She paused, sucking it hard, putting her hands up on his thighs. Then she pulled back so he could feel the force of the vacuum in her mouth, tugging at the skin of his fat penis, until just his head was in her mouth. She paused again, wetting her mouth, and she went back down again. Deeper she went, her lips and mouth swallowing this stranger’s huge erection, then back up to the top. She wasn’t even bothering to look up at him; if she had, she’d have seen him grinning, watching this other man’s wife suck his cock so hard.

“Jesus she’s good,” he muttered to himself after just a couple of sucks.

Stacie kept working up and down the shaft, sucking it, until after a few strokes she let it fall out of her mouth. Her fingers wrapped around the wet base, her palm flat against it, and she pumped the hard shaft a few times spreading her saliva and his precum over the shaft. Her hand made sticky noises as it pumped his thick fat shaft. After a few strokes, she pulled his cock down hard with her hand to the base, against his balls, and her mouth moved again over the cockhead. She stuck out her tongue and licked around the rim, then turning her mouth, licked down the shaft to her fist, then back up the other side. Andrew loved the feeling, he groaned and even giggled. Stacie took that as encouragement. My sexy brunette spouse licked up and down the shaft, her tongue sliding all over, darting to taste his hard male prick.

Her lips then swallowed the head and she shoved his cock down her mouth again. Dropping her hands to her own thighs, she leaned up on her knees to get herself leaning forward more. Andrew pushed his penis forward into my wife’s mouth. Stacie’s eyes were still closed, as she started squirming forward, pushing this long male dick into her throat. I could see her neck expanding, and I watched her lips move forward until they were literally at the base of his penis, his balls on her chin. She was fucking him with her throat now. Andrew loved it and groaned at the tightness of her neck. Stacie held her breath and kept him in her throat a few moments, then she pulled back, gasping for air but not gagging.

“Good, you slut, make him feel welcome,” droned Stacie’s very-aroused husband. Then in a moment of truth, I grinned in satisfaction, “You are such a fucking whore, sucking his cock after just meeting him, you are so fucking slutty.”

Stacie moved her lips to one side of his cockhead and stuck out her tongue to lick over to the other side, as her hand grabbed the fat base again to pump it. “God it’s so big,” she moaned, looking up at me, “I love big cocks so much, he is so big.”

I shook my head in a chuckle. “Don’t tell me you like it, tell him, tell him what you like.”

My wife, returning to sit on her ankles, looked up diffidently at the stranger, with her tongue swirling around his cockhead. “Baby your dick is so huge, I love big dicks, I want you to fuck me so hard tonight.”

It’s like Andrew had never met a married woman who begged him to fuck her two minutes after meeting him. He looked at her with a smile, then at me with a laugh, then back down to her. “I bet you fuck so good,” he guessed correctly.

“MMM I do!” Stacie grinned up to him. She put her lips around his cockhead and slurped the shaft into her mouth again, not into her throat, but just deep enough, sucking it hard, letting him feel the wetness of her mouth and tongue. Bobbing her mouth up and down his fat shaft a few times, she finally pulled her mouth off leaving his cock drooling in her spit. She pulled her fist up to the top of the shaft, spreading the gooey saliva around his skin, as her eyes rolled up to his face. “I love your cock, you’re so handsome, so fucking hot, I’ll be your slut tonight, fuck me all night with your big cock baby!” She punctuated her request with a wet sloppy kiss on the tip of his dick.

I so lust for my wife, who is such a complete slut around other hot men and women. I mean, she only met the guy, doesn’t know his name, and already was begging to be his slut. In fact, knowing her, I knew her next request to him.

Stacie continued to suck his fat cock, which was pulsating heat in her mouth, she could feel how alive it was, how badly it wanted to drive into her wet pussy, as she licked and kissed and sucked it. “God I’d be your girlfriend, I’d fuck you all the time, anytime you wanted, your dick is so huge and delicious baby!”

“Now now, don’t get too excited you slut,” I laughed, “he’s married.”

While Andrew scowled at the disappointing truth, Stacie smiled up at him. “Mmm, I’ll do things your wife never does for you, I’ll lick your ass and eat your other girlfriend’s pussy, if you stick your big dick in me tonight sweetie!”

My new friend was almost about to keel over with dizziness. Not in his wildest dreams did he think his personal ad on that adult website would lead to meeting a slut like this. Andrew looked over at me watching to the side, and with praise he shrugged, “Man you have one great wife here, Derek.”

I nodded. “Don’t I know it!” I turned to look down at Stacie still slurping Andrew’s long thick penis. Her thin triangular face was also glistening with saliva too, as his penis rubbed her cheeks and chin during her blowjob. With not so much a request as an order, although I hardly had to encourage her, I snarled out a command. “Get naked you little whoring slut, then help your new friend get naked.”

Stacie gave Andrew’s cock one more lick, then she rose to her little feet, all 5 foot 4 of her in front of his over-6 foot frame. Her skinny torso and flat tummy revealed the many hours she spends in the gym every day, in part to work out and in part to meet muscular men who fuck her all the time. She peeled off her camisole to reveal her naked bosom to Andrew. Her nipples were now fully erect, little brown knobs pointing right at him. She hooked her thumbs under her thong’s high arching straps on her hips, and bending over she peeled off the useless black thong. As she stepped out of it, Andrew was gazing down at her completely bald pussy. Stacie’s little kitty is so delicious; light pink lips, knobby clitty with barely any hood so it peeks right out. As she stood up, aware that he was eyeing her cunt, Stacie did a pirouette for him, turning her slender back to him with her long black hair halfway down her spine; then, standing up, she leaned forward and spread her knees, showing off her fine round little butt and wet cuntlips under it. My wife looked back over her shoulder at him, making sure he was approving of what he saw.

“Do you wanna fuck it?” purred my wife of her body.

Andrew hardly had to answer before she was standing up again, stepping over to him. She was so petite next to his manly physique. Andrew was already unbuttoning his shirt, but Stacie lifted her hands to help him, and he put his hands down. Actually, he put his hands on her tits, cupping and stroking them softly, not caring that Stacie’s husband was watching right there. Stacie giggled and leaned forward, pushing her tits into his hands, as she finished unbuttoning his shirt. His chest was hairy, thick we black curls over muscles and a fairly toned chest. The guy kept in shape. Stacie helped him peel off his shirt so he was topless, or more accurately, naked from his knees up. She knelt down to unfasten his shoes and pull them off, one by one, then she slipped off his pants and underwear. He was just in socks now, which she unrolled and removed.

His cock was sticking straight out at her, he was so fucking hard. My wife and this guy were completely naked now, and the foyer of our house smelled of nudity. Stacie tossed Andrew’s clothing to the side and stood up next to him, her slender, tiny body looking so frail next to his powerful physique. Stacie’s body was more tan too, a nice contrast to Andrew’s office-bound paler skin. I know my wife, she loves hairy chests, so as she stood next to her naked friend she rubbed the side of her face against his manly chest, while her hand clasped around his erect penis. Andrew’s hand slide down her long hair and soft back to her little ass, squeezing and fondling Stacie’s tush. Stacie’s mouth opened to lick Andrew’s nipple, which made Andrew shudder and also made him think about her nipples. He pushed my wife back a step as he bent over, and she watched him lean his mouth down to her chest and take one of her tits into his mouth. Stacie put her hands on his shoulders, encouraging him, pushing her breast into a wet manly mouth. “Oh fuck yes,” moaned my wife as this man sucked her naked boob.

Andrew’s hand was now down between her soft thighs, sliding up, and her eyes closed and her body shuddered when his fingers hit her vagina. She ground her pelvis into his fingers, masturbating herself for a moment, pressing her breast into his mouth. “Ohhh gawwwd!” my wife shrieked at the contact on her pussy.

I watched him finger my wife’s clit a few moments, then broke into their fun with an order to my wife. “Take him into the other room,” I growled, “looks like he needs to get fucked so badly.”

Stacie didn’t respond to me, but she did as told. “C’mon baby,” she forced herself to purr, reaching for his penis again to lead him into the other room. Andrew stood up and allowed himself to be pulled by his dick into our living room. Actually, it’s more of a fuck room than a living room. When we had our house built a year ago, I had this room designed for Stacie to entertain her friends. Three leather sofas were on the three walls, and in the middle was a plush carpet. What you couldn’t see was, under the carpet, I had the floor sunk with a hole for a King-size mattress. As Andrew stepped on the carpet, he felt the carpet give way under his feet, and like all of our first-time visitors, he laughed thinking something was wrong. But in a moment he realized the floor responded like a bed.

Stacie was already getting on her knees in the middle of the carpet, while her adoring husband slumped into one of the sofas watching quietly. Andrew looked at me as if I needed to initiate the fucking, and actually, I didn’t mind. Ignoring my wife from the process, I asked him, “So what do you wanna do — have her finish off the BJ, or do you wanna eat her, or just fuck her, what do you want?”

Andrew looked down at my pet wife, her pointy titties and leaking pink cunt waiting for him, and I kind of knew his response before he said it. “All of it,” he laughed with me, while Stacie didn’t flinch, just looking up sheepishly to him. He shrugged as he thought about it and said, “I got a while, let’s do it all — suck me off, you slut.”

Ah, he was getting into the spirit. Andrew stood again in front of my wife on her knees, his legs spread a bit for leverage. She put her mouth over his dick as he reached down to her long jet-black hair. Grabbing the hair he yanked her head hard, shoving his cock into her mouth. Stacie wasn’t exactly ready for it as his dick hit the entrance to her throat, and I heard my wife gag a moment, her body reflexively shuddering. Andrew didn’t care, nor did I. “Suck his cock you bitch,” I growled to her. Andrew was yanking her hair now in two clenched fists, pulling her skull forward without her assistance. Stacie’s eyes rolled up to him as he stuffed his erection into her throat again — I could see her neck bulge — and this time she choked, as if to throw up. But valiantly she fought it off, letting his stranger fuck her throat hard with his massive cock. She really had to stretch open her jaw, his penis was so fat. He was pushing hard now, really ramming into her face, stuffing that penis into her throat and neck until his balls were pressed up against her chin. He pulled back and simultaneously yanked her head back to withdraw, and my wife took a few gasps of air. Then with his hands clenching her long black hair he jerked her head forward and plunged his dick back into her mouth and throat, and Stacie choked from the sudden intrusion into her neck.

“Fucking bitch!” Andrew groaned, his neck straining as he used all of his might to ram himself into her neck. Stacie’s little body, probably only about half his weight or so, was like a rag doll as he yanked her head back and forth on his penis. He was so turned on now, incredibly hard and getting off on using another man’s wife. Stacie wasn’t resisting, she was trying to stay alive, sucking air whenever his cock pulled out of her throat, sucking and slurping the clear thick mucus that was dripping down his shaft. Then Andrew would yank her skull forward again and stuff that dick into her throat and she’d grunt and gag but let him fuck her as he wanted. Plus, you know, I could see the drips of juice running down the inside of her soft creamy thighs. The slut was getting SO horny from being used like this.

Andrew snickered at how Stacie let him use her mouth and throat so willingly. “Jesus you are a fucking whore aren’t you?” he giggled. Stacie nodded meekly, her mouth full of penis at that moment, but her eyes lustful looked up wantonly to the manly older stud.

Then he pulled his fat dick out, all wet with saliva and throat mucus, and he began rubbing it against her 26 year old face. The bitch moaned in delight, turning her face to the side so he could rub that wet shaft over her cheeks and nose and forehead. Her face was getting coated in slime. She rolled around to the other side so he could facefuck her more. “Your cock is so big,” moaned my horny spouse, “it’s so fucking delicious.” Her hands were caressing his hairy powerful thighs, sliding up and down, then they reached all the way up to cup and stroke his dangling hairy balls. She softly cupped and held them while continuing to let Andrew smear his dick all over her face.

I leaned back so comfortable in the sofa, watching my nude wife kneeling in front of this stud and letting him use her like some cheap slut he’d hired — cheapest, actually, since he wasn’t paying a fucking thing for this. My dick ached in my pants, I wanted to haul it out and jerk it off or slip it in Stacie’s sexy little butthole, but for the moment I just relaxed and watched.

My brunette wife was moaning in delight with the huge hot penis pulsating against her face. Andrew’s fists were full of her hair, holding her skull in place while he masturbated himself by dragging his prick over her cheeks and lips. Finally at long last, still holding her long black hair firmly in his hands, he pulled his ass back until his penis slid down to her mouth again. Stacie’s married mouth instantly opened and swallowed the stranger’s dick. I watched his eyes roll as he pumped hips pelvis forward, pulling Stacie’s long hair and head towards his pelvis. His cock slammed into her mouth again and, after one powerful THRUST forward, he was in her neck. Stacie’s entire body convulsed like she wanted to hurl, and her eyes popped out of their sockets. But his arms were so powerful, and his fists were so tight on her long hair, he had total control over her body. Andrew was yanking her mouth and throat down on his bone so that it was shoved up deep in her neck, while she fought to keep her jaw open to give his fat erection room to enter her mouth.

Yeah,” I smiled in delight, “fuck the whore’s fucking throat dude.” I fucking love seeing my wife used like this.

Stacie was doing her best to keep up with Andrew, but he was an animal now. I could see his strong thighs and muscular ass tensed, his arm muscles were bulging and his neck was strained. He was holding my wife’s head by her long hair and ramfucking her mouth with his penis. The saliva and mucus were spilling out of her lips each time he pulled back, then he’d just fucking shove it back in there, into her throat making her neck stretch, furiously filling Stacie’s throat with that big cock. Stacie’s hands were on his hips to steady herself for the throat-banging, and this way she could sense his motions and know when he was coming forward. Andrew was humping her face as hard as he could, his balls crunching into her chin and his sweaty hairy abdomen pressing into Stacie’s nostrils with each stroke. Fuck he was so deep! Gripping her hair madly and pummeling her face and throat with his body and erection, he was making spit and mucus splatter all over the place while he fucked harder and faster.

I grinned ear to ear, watching my wife get her throat and neck fucked by this hung stud. I have no idea if she was breathing or what, but for a good five, ten minutes this well-built, 40-something sex fiend was driving his massive 8 inch meat into my wife’s open throat. He let go of her hair and instead just clutched her small skull with his fingers and palms, pressing his hands into the sides of her head, bouncing her head like a toy up and down his throbbing erection. His penis oozed and dripped with slime from inside my wife. I could see how much he loved it, his face was all contorted and his heaving breaths were so sexy, as he looked down at my wife on her knees in front of him. I stared at the same sight he did, his thick drooling cock sliding in and out of her lips, stretching her cheeks, then stretching her neck time to time.

Finally, fuck knows how long it lasted, I saw Andrew was getting ready to cum. He was slamming his meat into her throat for longer periods of time each stroke, the pleasure building up in his balls. Stacie’s cunt was a flowing faucet by now, her creamy thighs glistening with pussy juice, and even way over here I could smell her cunt. Andrew’s grip on Stacie’s small head grew tighter, he yanked her skull forward and sunk his boner into her neck, I could see her thin neck bulging. Then he fucking let loose. Not releasing his grip, with her lips all the way down at the bottom of the base of his cock, Andrew started cumming in Stacie, spewing his babymaking jism directly into her tummy. My wife is a fucking professional, she kept her throat deep on his cock while he kept cumming … and cumming … and cumming … fuck, she was letting him drain himself all the way in her, while she kept her breath and kept her mouth down hard on his dick.

Andrew had stopped cumming, pushing my wife back with a strong shove. Her naked body fell back on her ass, her hands behind her, while she heaved to catch her breath. Andrew’s erection was huge, red-hot, angry from the tight fucking in my slut’s throat. He stood there, hands on his hips, pointing his rigid yet spend dick at my wife’s naked body.

“I hope she was a good suck,” I deadpanned, only half-serious.

The other married guy in the room chuckled. “Oh fuck!” he laughed before a deeper snicker. “Man I wish my wife would suck my cock that good, fuck!”

Stacie, proud of herself, had now caught her breath and crawled back to Andrew. Remaining on her knees, she grabbed his spent penis with one hand and started slurping and kissing it softly, lovingly. She worshipped its rigid ribs and fat soft head, licking and kissing up and down, looking up at him while sticking out her tongue to wrap it around his unit. The whole time she never once looked over to me, keeping her eyes on her lover. She’s one fine fuck, isn’t she? “Do I suck it better than your wife?” my wife moaned, already knowing the answer, “your penis is beautiful, I’d want a cock like this to suck every night.” Her lips wrapped around the fat head of Andrew’s prick, swallowing the soft bulb into her mouth, suckling loudly on it. It was slowly starting to regain its full rigidity, getting ready to my wife again.

I made a “tsk” sound like I was disappointed. “Fuck, bitch, ask him what he wants, c’mon.”

Stacie’s eyes looked up to Andrew as she pulled her mouth off his penis. She had one hand clasping his shaft, pumping it back and forth slowly now, while her other hand cupped his substantial balls. “What do you want honey?” she purred sweetly to him, “wanna eat my pussy, or do you just wanna FUCK me now?”

“Ooh honey, I bet you have a sweet pussy,” he grinned, suggesting his selection.

My long-haired, skinny brunette slutwife beamed a toothy grin as she lowered herself back onto her little ass on the carpet, reaching both of her hands back behind herself to prop up her torso as she spread open her thin creamy thighs. Her legs, especially her calves, stretched with visibly taut muscles, the product of working out in the gym every day to meet muscle-bound studs and horny housewives. I watched Andrew’s eyes stare down at Stacie’s bald pink pussy when my wife had it totally exposed to him, laying almost flat except for her shoulders and head propped up by her elbows behind her. The submissive bitch was almost shaking with lust, exposing her vagina to a total stranger with a big dick. “I’m so fucking wet,” Stacie groaned, “you turn me on so much you stud, your cock is so fucking great, please come down here and lick my fucking kitty.”

I’ve trained Stacie to be ridiculously verbal, I think guys like a slut who has a filthy mouth and tells it like it is in bed. But that’s just me. Some guys have told me she talks too much when they fuck her. Hey, you don’t like the words coming out of her mouth, stick your cock or tongue in it and it’ll shut her up, huh?

She hardly had to tell him to do it. Andrew was already lowering himself down to the carpeted mattress, getting down on his knees. His steely penis was already rock-hard again, so as he leaned over, his cock pressed up against his flat stomach. I was getting pretty fucking hard myself, I probably would have cum instantly if I tried to touch my dick. Watching my nude wife spreading her legs for a naked stranger is just the hottest thing in my life, the look of desperation in her eyes like she hasn’t been fucked for weeks. Stacie getting laid just can’t happen often enough for me.

Both Stacie and I watched intently as Andrew lowered his face to my wife. His strong hands reached out and grabbed her ass, sliding under her butt and holding it in a powerful grip. The slutty brunette moaned in approval. A moment later his tongue was sticking out of his mouth, lowering down. He didn’t waste any time. “Oh fucking god YESSS!” screamed my wife the moment Andrew’s manly tongue pressed into her throbbing clitoris. Her head fell back, her long dark hair cascading around her shoulders and on the carpet. Her back arched too, pressing her b-cup tits upward, those gorgeous rock-hard brown nipples pointing at the ceiling. She was so fucking turned on. Her hips buckled, her body shook as Andrew began tonguing her clitty, I was watching his slimy tongue caressing circles around her clit, then alternately digging into it, pressing it into her pelvis. Stacie ground her pelvis up against his mouth, masturbating herself on him, she was so fucking aroused and she was trying to get off right away.

“Fucking eat my kitty honey!” screamed Stacie with a shriek.

Her hands and feet dug into the carpet so she could start to hump his tongue and face harder. Andrew’s eyes were looking up at her perky 26 year old titties, soft creamy orbs on her small ribcage. His tongue was smashing hard on her clitty and driving her body in wild convulsions, her hips were trying to rock in circles and her entire body was already pumping up and down. With his hands clutching her buttocks Andrew could keep her body from thrashing out of control and his mouth remained planted on her clitoris, sucking and licking it madly. Her pussyjuice was spilling out, covering his chin and cheeks.

I couldn’t resist, I tell you. As I leaned back on the sofa I put my hand over my crotch, just to adjust my erection inside my pants. I could feel my cock was leaking precum badly, my underwear was fucking soaked. Touching my dick for a moment through my clothing was such a relief, I couldn’t stop myself from softly rubbing the upper part of my cockshaft to give it some relief.

Andrew was moaning in satisfaction tasting my wife’s wet vagina, and Stacie was in heaven feeling her clit getting licked by this stranger. Her head was back now, her eyes closed as she concentrated on the feeling of his tongue on her. “Fucking shit oh fucking shit fucking eat me!” screamed my wife at the top of her lungs in our living room, “I’m so fucking horny baby I wanna cum for you!”

I think our new friend liked my wife’s cunt. He slid his mouth down from her creamy clitty, poking out of the little fleshy hood, and promptly stuffed his tongue inside her fuckhole. Stacie’s jaw dropped and she bellowed, “Fuuuuuck yesss!” as she reached down for her knees with both hands. She pulled her skinny legs way back, almost to her chest, so she was bent backwards in half. She was completely exposing her cunt and ass to this total stranger, letting him lick whatever he wanted to taste. She raised her head to watch herself getting tonguefucked, and her eyes met Andrew’s as he was stuffing his tongue deep into her drenched twat.

“I fucking love you fucking me,” my wife purred into Andrew’s eyes.

Andrew’s hands were now sliding up the backs of her thighs, pressing her legs back even farther. Stacie let go of her knees, now that Andrew had hold of her legs, and she reached down to Andrew’s head. Pulling his skull into her pelvis she forced his mouth down hard on her vagina, grinding up against it to make herself cum harder. “Oh fuck I’m gonna fucking cum!” Stacie wailed, almost crying. “I’m fucking cumming you fucking stud!”

And my wife’s cunt exploded with an orgasm. I could smell it from the sofa. Andrew’s face smeared with clear juices while my wife’s entire body trembled and stiffened, and she let out her slutty wail that I love hearing. “Eeeeee gawwwwd!” exploded her high-pitched voice, “Ohhh fuuuuuuuck!”

Letting go of her legs, Andrew hooked his arms around Stacie’s thighs to put both hands on her tits. I watched him squeeze my wife’s soft B-cup breasts then move to pinch her nipples in his thumbs and forefingers. Squeezing those hard knobs intensified her climax, and her wail turned into an outright scream. “Owwwww fuuuuucking gawwwwd!”

His tongue was stuffed deep into her spasming pussy, his lips were flat against her puffy pink vaginal lips. He tonguefucked my wife furiously, I could tell from the motions of his jaw that he was ramming his tongue into the back of that cunt and sliding it all around, tasting every drop of juice inside her cunt.

“Don’t fucking stop you god!” Stacie exclaimed, keeping her hands wrapped around his head and his face smashed against her pussy. “Eat my kitty more you fucking beast!”

“She’s such a whore,” I grunted from the observation deck.

Andrew continued screwing my wife’s twat with his tongue, not slowing down the pace for an instant, his tongue stretching open her pussylips and cramming into the tight hole. Letting go of Stacie’s nipples, his hands slid down her arms to find her hands. I watched them interlock fingers, holding hands tightly, as they pressed their clenched hands together on the carpet on both sides of her hips. Now, that is sweet, I thought to myself, it’s not just mindless fucking, he likes Stacie doesn’t he? Holding her hands while eating her out.

“Oh fucking shit I’m gonna fucking cum more!” she blurted between deep breaths.

Her legs were stiff, dropped way out to the sides of her body. She was in an inverted Y position, holding this stranger’s hands by her hips while stretching her sexy trimmed legs out. She looked so fucking sexy, her naked body flat on her back, her nipples aching they were so hard, wearing nothing but a strange man’s head over her crotch. Stacie was gyrating her little ass in circles under Andrew’s mouth in unbridled lust, fucking against the motions of his tongue inside her pussy, drawing out another orgasm.

“Fuuuuuck!” cried my subwife, her eyes clenched as her body exploded with energy, “I’m cummmmming!”

Those long legs stiffened and her flat tummy buckled as her body had another orgasm around Andrew’s tongue. Her feet turned flat onto the floor so she could push her ass and pelvis off the floor, bouncing it in the air with his mouth planted inside her cunt, and the pure energy of her orgasm made her naked body ripple with quakes. “Ohhh fuuuucking gawwwd it’s gooood!” Stacie instinctively reached down with both hands to his head again, not to pull him close but to hold him as leverage while her body shook and shook. “Uhhhh fuuuuck fuuuuck fuuuuck it’s soooo fuuuucking goooood!”

As her second cum subsided, her breaths started become more hoarse, like she was sucking air painfully. “Uhh, uhh, uhhh, gawwwd ohhhh fuuuuck!” Stacie grabbed her knees again to spread her thin thighs wide, and she lifted her head to stare down at Andrew munching away on her clit and pussy. “Oh yeah baby fucking eat my kitty!”

He was entirely content to keep eating. The stud had both hands flat on the carpet next to her hips, so while she gyrated her body under his mouth, he could bounce around to keep his tongue inside her juicy twat. His motions consisted of pumping his tongue as deep into her cunt as he could, stuffing it inside, then thrashing it around deep so she could feel his presence. After a few moments of that he’d pull out and lick the juice off of her pussylips, or send his tongue back to her swollen clitoris and lick it, grind it, suck it, until she was screeching in delight and he’d go shove his tongue back into her cunt. Stacie was completely enthralled, her eyes were unfocused and her chest heaving with deep breaths, and her body from her belly to near her knees were glistening with spilled pussyjuice.

“Ohhh fuuuck!” Stacie began biting her lower lip, trying to muffle her screams of pleasure. “Uhhh, mmmm, ohhhh, mmmm, oooh.” Her fingers were now stretching through Andrew’s thin-cut but curly dark hair, gripping his hair like handles as her pussy rubbed his face. “Fucking gawd, soooo fucking goood!”

I just love seeing my wife lost in sexual ecstasy, and at the moment I really wanted to do nothing more than go give her a huge hug and kiss her passionately, letting her know how pleased I am that she’s in the height of arousal — and how approving I am that she’s giving such good pleasure to a completely stranger, as I ordered. But I remained planted on the sofa, remaining the aloof voyeur for the time being. Staring into her eyes, I was kind of hoping she’d look over at me, at least let her see how satisfied I was of her performance, but the bitch never looked in my direction. Her eyes were either on the ceiling, or on Andrew’s face against her cunt, or just rolling around nonsensically. It was like Andrew was the only person on earth right now, she was just giving him whatever he wanted like a good slut should.

Stacie was completely flat on her back, her feet on Andrew’s broad strong shoulders so her legs were bent way to the sides, her cunt undulating in rhythmic circles around his tongue. She flopped her hands over her head, stretching her body, arching her back and making her soft titties jiggle on her chest as she humped against his face. “God honey you are making me so fucking hot, sweetie!” She was so good at making men feel loved, the little cunt. “I love you so fucking much you’re fucking eating me so fucking good!”

He must have been getting her to a third orgasm, fuck she was in quite a state. Her back arched more, really pushing her flat tummy towards the ceiling, her shoulders digging into the soft carpet with the mattress below. “Ohhh fuuuck!” Her yelling was at the top of her lungs. “Fuck me I’m such a slut!”

Andrew actually muttered something, but barely breaking his tonguefucking. “You are a slut.”

I grinned.

Stacie erupted with that third cum, making her whine and howl and her arms and legs just shiver with electricity. She wanted to hold his head again, but her hands were too weak to grab on, so she put her arms above her head again. Andrew’s hands slid up to her titties and stroked my wife’s hard nipples some more, rubbing pussyjuice into them for lubrication. I could hear the sticky noises of his tongue in that wet twat.

“You make me cummm soooo goood,” she groaned catching her breath, “ohhhhhhh jesus fucking christ you’re sooooo fucking hot.”

They were on the same wavelength, I mean, it looked scripted. Andrew pushed himself up from the floor, his mouth drooling with her juices, and at that very moment Stacie sat up and reached her face to his. Their mouths met in midair, sealing together with their tongues driving into each other’s mouths. I heard Stacie moaning at the flavor of her orgasms in Andrew’s mouth, and her hands clutched his muscular upper arms as they made out with horny probing tongues. Watching my naked wide French kissing another man is so sexy. Her eyes were closed, she was so into it.

Her hands then reached down his body, her fingers wrapped around his throbbing penis. She broke the kiss and instantly moaned, “Fuck me with your huge prick honey.”

Andrew was moving to do just that. Crawling on his hands and knees, he moved over her while Stacie laid back down on the carpet. My wife spread her thighs for another man’s penis. He was so much bigger than her, his physique so manly and large, her thin petite body waiting for him. Stacie guided him close but then pulled her arms up over her head again. I stared at the sight of his thick cockhead touching her vaginal lips, rubbing against the juices there. Andrew was gazing down at her tits under him, while Stacie was watching his penis over her vagina.

“Baby fuck me!” my wife yelled at him, anxious for it to start.

He turned his eyes to look into her face, just as his cock found her entrance. Her legs twitched at the contact. Then his asscheeks clenched, and Andrew leaned forward, and his cock started fucking my spouse. Her cunt was so sopping wet from her orgasms, you could hear it open for his dick. But she was so tight too after her cums, his eyes rolled. “Oh fucking god!” Stacie grunted, moving her hands to his arms to hold him, “you’re so fucking big!”

I could not take my eyes off of the sight of Andrew’s thick, long dick erection starting to penetrate my wife’s sloppy pink cunt. I swear, this enormous erection looked about half the size of her tiny waist. You’d think it wouldn’t fit! But he pushed himself forward, and with both of their bodies undulating together and them both moaning in pleasure, his erection started to sink into her pussy inch by inch. He’d rear his hips back then push forward, stuffing a bit more inside her, then over and over he moved, until his entire 8 inches of meat was stuffed deep inside Stacie’s pussy.

“Fucking stud!” cried my love as she reached her hands up to his shoulders above her, and she raised her face to the side of his neck. “So fucking big!”

“God,” he grunted back, his ass pumping away on top of her, “so tight!”

I could hear the sloppiness of her pussy taking his long hard shaft. His nude strong body was humping powerfully up and down, his ass pumping and his hips flopping, as his strong thighs tensed and his sculpted arms held his torso steady. Underneath his body was my wife on her back, her legs splayed out to the side, her pink vaginal lips stretching open to take ever inch of his engorged prick. Her body shook each time he thrust forward, and you could hear the splattering of her juices as he drove into her, and their skin-on-skin contact made its own crashing noise.

Stacie’s fingers locked around his neck, while she moved her legs higher to wrap them around his hips and back. Her dainty naked feet crossed together above his spine, right above his ass. “Fuck my baby!” she purred to him, her body now holding on with him fucking her slutty cunt harder and faster. “God you turn me on fuck me!”

Andrew was working that huge cock so deep into her pussy it must have been past her cervix, seriously. I know my 6.5-inch erection can bang that wall at the back of her cunt when I fuck her, so add another inch or two and where else would his cock go? I don’t know, but I mean, you could see a lump in her lower abdomen as he was fucking her, it was the head of his long hard prick, making a little ripple on her flat tummy between her cunt and her bellybutton, it was moving back and forth as he fucked her silly. He’d drive so far forward his hairy dangling balls would press into her ass, almost wanting to slide into her vagina too if there’d been room.

“Oh fuck me honey!” grunted my horny wife, “I’m a fucking slut fuck me!”

She let go of his neck with one hand — the other one remaining there — to reach her hand down to her clit. I could see her fingers stretch out, her fingertips rubbing right over her clit while he fucked her. She was feeling his wet hard shaft moving in and out of her while she also was grinding her throbbing clit into her pelvis. “Fuck me baby!” Her screaming was so high-pitched, so excited, like she was begging for it. “Your cock is so fucking huge, fuck me so hard!”

Then her head jerked backwards, her jaw opened and she gulped in the air, her eyes clenching shut and her hand on his neck suddenly gripped him intensely. She was making herself cum yet again, her tight pussy spasming around Andrew’s enormous erection, squeezing and milking it. “I’m cummin’!” Stacie gurgled with saliva choking her up, having an intense but short mini-cum. “So fuckin’ big, fucking cock!”

Andrew had both of his hands flat on the carpet, his arms almost straight below him, as he towered over my wife fucking her as fast as he could. “I’m gonna cum,” he winced in a low tone, maybe unhappy it wasn’t lasting long. But she was so fucking tight, and after he’d been eating her, he probably over-primed his penis.

But Stacie, she didn’t care. Her reaction was instantaneous. “Cum in me!” She leaned up to kiss his lips, and they locked mouths while they fucked on the carpet in front of her husband. When she broke the kiss, falling back, she moaned again, “Put your hot cum in me baby!”

She laid flat again, her hands on both of his upper arms holding him, while he pounded his long fat dick into her gushing pink pussy. She dropped her legs from around his waist and just laid them flat to the sides, her knees against the carpet. She was maximizing his ability to drive deep into the depths of her body and deposit his jism in there.

Moments later, Andrew’s body stiffened, his eyes closed and his chest heaved for air. I heard some kind of unintelligible grunting followed by a low wail, and he was spewing inside my wife. She reached her hands down from his shoulders to his asscheeks, pulling him deep into her pussy. I couldn’t see any of his erection, it was entirely buried in my wife’s vagina. Andrew was shooting cum in her, his penis was probably squirting globs and globs of creamy hot goo into my wife’s pussy. Her pussy milked his dick of every last drop of semen, then when he pulled out with a wince, Stacie pulled his body down to hers. As he lay over my naked wife, their mouths opened and I watched their tongues slide over each other in the air between their lips. She moaned contentedly, her hands caressing the shapes of his sturdy fit back and spine, brushing up and down his skin.

Andrew had pounded the younger filly so hard for the last few moments, his arms were weak. Stacie sensed this, letting him roll onto his side next to him, away from me, so as she rolled to face him I was looking at her little ass. I could see the beads of juices — sweat? cuntjuice? cum? — in the little valley of her soft butt. She was still making out with him, holding him. Andrew’s hand slipped around her waste to stroke her back. I noticed his eyes look up at me, past my wife, seeing if I was watching. He found me quietly enraptured. Maybe in response, as he closed his eyes again, his hand slide down from her back to Stacie’s nude ass, and he squeezed the buttocks then slid his fingers up and down the valley.

Stacie raised her top leg to a bent position, exposing her pussy, and Andrew slipped his hand back around to her front and then down to her crotch. Her pink slit was just drenched with juices, her inner thighs were equally covered. I watched his strong manly fingers rub her clit, surrounding that little bead of flesh with two fingertips, tugging at it. Stacie reached to his hand to push it down, and a moment later Andrew slipped a finger into her cunt, then barely a second later a second finger. Her back arched and still kissing him with tongue Stacie groaned contentedly. She was rolling onto her back again, spreading her thighs, while Andrew stuffed his tongue into her mouth and his fingers into her pussy.

My wife started humping his fingers, she was still so turned on. “Oh fuck,” she moaned into his mouth, confirming her state of arousal. Her sexy thin nude body was rocking slightly, moving in feminine circles, pressing against Andrew’s stiff two fingers in her twat. Her lips parted with a playful, seductive grin, accompanied by a low murmur. “Mmmm yeah,” my wife groaned, feeling her pussylips get stretched open by the stranger’s stiff fingers, “oh fuck me baby.”

I saw Andrew staring at her nude body, those perfectly-proportioned b-cup tits on her petite frame, her long dark hair falling around her little head, he was admiring the work of art he was finger-fucking. “You’re beautiful,” he moaned, almost sounding a tad sad. I took it as a complement to me.

The brunette slut looked back at him with a wider grin, pulling her knees open more. “I’m just a fucking whore,” she mouthed off matter-of-factly, “just fuck me, make me cum for you.” Ah, she knew her place in life.

Watching him stick fingers in her still-hungry pussy, I had a thought. “Wait here,” I noted to them stupidly as I rose from the sofa, “I’ll be right back.”

Turning my back on my wife fucking him, I went into the hallway to head for the stairs. My mouth was kind of dry, from panting while watching Stacie fuck, so I detoured into the kitchen. Ah, the fridge was kinda barren, the bitch hadn’t been foodshopping for like a week. I mean, I did tell her each night that I’d get stuff on the way home, but the last few nights I was late at work, and tonight I had to pick up Andrew, so I hadn’t been able to get anything. And I know Stacie won’t waste time during the day to go foodshopping, she has way too many fun things to do — if not fucking men from the gym or online, then playing online in chatrooms or on the webcam, phonesex, whatever she needs to do to satisfy her craving for sex 24/7.

So, lacking real liquid refreshment, I grabbed a glass and filled it with ice, then slowly filled it with filtered water from the refrigerator door. From the other room, which I couldn’t see any more, I heard Stacie huffing — “Huh, huh, mmm, uhh, mmm, ahh, mmm” — and it sounded like she was really humping those fingers. “Fuck yeah!” she screamed moments later.

I downed the glass in a few sips, then headed back to the steps. Passing the living room, I looked in to see my wife clutching Andrew’s hand by the wrist with both of her hands, and she was humping two or three fingers while pulling his hand against her vagina.

Adjusting my rock-hard erection, I went up to the bedroom and headed for the nightstand on Stacie’s side of the bed. The room had a peculiar odor to it — a musky, dirty one. Like a gymnasium, you know? The blinds were pulled closed, so it was mostly dim in the fading evening light. I glanced at the bed, which had the bedspread hastily pulled over it. I figured I knew the score, so I reached over and pulled off the spread. Yup, the bedsheet was fucking messed up, completely rumpled. I put my hand on the mattress, finding it damp in a couple of spots. “Ah, someone was fucking here today,” I grinned, wondering how much — or little — time had passed between some cock or tongue in her pussy here in the bedroom today, and now Andrew down there doing her.

Anyway, returning to the mission, I pulled open Stacie’s nightstand drawer and looked into her box of toys. Vibes, dildos, plugs, strap-ons. About half the stuff was from her birthday earlier in the year, I threw a party for her and made everyone who came bring just sex toys for a present. Man, that was a fun weekend, let me tell you, hehe. But anyway, I wanted the right tool for the job tonight. I fished around the smelly toys and spotted what I needed: cream-white plastic vibrator, not the shape of a cock but a long ribbed shaft with a metallic top that was slanted coming to a point at the tip. It had three setting, “1” “2” and “3,” which roughly corresponded to, “can’t feel it,” “wait I’m feeling a tingling,” and “OHMYGODI’MCUMMINGAGAIN.” Hehe. I unscrewed the bottom and dropped out the 2 D-cell batteries, having no idea what state they were in, and tossed in two brand-new ones from a bag in the drawer. Stacie never, ever gets caught without battery replacements.

Snap, I turned the vibe on, and it buzzed appropriately.

I was about to leave the bedroom when I paused to think about my cock. Man, it was so fucking hard. Knowing Stacie was fucking here in the bedroom, now getting humped downstairs, I just get so hard. I had promised Andrew I wasn’t gonna get naked for tonight, I didn’t want him to think I was gay or something, you know lying to him to get him to cum over with a false promise of fucking Stacie. So, as badly as I wanted to jerk my dick off, I wasn’t going to dare downstairs. But you know, I’m in the bedroom now, and —


Stacie’s scream from downstairs made me laugh. The bitch was having fun, wasn’t she?

Ok, that made my prick throb even harder. Well, we only live once, am I right. So I walked over and shut the bedroom door (I really don’t know why I did that), then turned on the TV in front of the bed and grabbed the universal remote-control. As it flickered to life I unzipped my slacks and pushed them and my underwear to my feet, not bothering to kick them off, but sitting back on my bed. My penis, man, it was not only hard, it was incredibly wet from the precum it had been leaking. And my balls were aching, full of cum.

I had no idea what station the TV was on, but who cares. I pointed the remote at the DVD jukebox, and selected one of the 120 DVDs in it. Most of them were porn, but I knew which ones were Stacie’s. I have seen them all, memorized them, and can’t get enough of them.

I selected Number 34. (It’s not that Stacie is on 34 DVDs — yet, at least — it’s just the numbered slot this one was in.) Ooh, haven’t watched this in a month or so. As it took time to load, I had to reach down and squeeze my penis, giving it a little satisfaction. Fuck, a few jerks and I could have made it cum, but I was gonna wait for the show. Which took way too fucking long, I noticed. Finally, the opening screen came up. This one took a few minutes to get good. I pressed the “fastforward” button and closed my eyes, randomly letting the DVD skip ahead a few moments so I’d get it in the middle of the action. Then I pressed “play” and watched.

Ooh, good part of the video. Stacie was on her fours desperately licking the vagina of a 19 year old hooker, who told us her name was Marcie. I’d found Marcie on the Internet, you know, said she was a “masseuse/escort,” available for “in call or outcall” service — translated, professional whore. I loved her picture, she was in part a contrast to Stacie (blonde, D-cups, round butt) but at the same time almost looked related (same height, same kind of narrow face with a tiny nose). We brought Marcie over for a couple of hours of service, ended up paying for two hours, Marcie stayed about six. I didn’t have any recording of me fucking Marcie, but had a good solid hour of Marcie and Stacie fucking each other.

My hand clasped around my dick and I started to pump while watching the video. Marcie, her teenage legs pulled way back on our basement leather sofa, had her eyes rolling and her lips trembling while the back of Stacie’s head bounced over Marcie’s cunt. Marcie had both of her hands on her ample D-cup tits, stroking her nipples, wiggling her pussy against Stacie’s tongue. I loved how I recorded Marcie’s entire nude body — well, not quite, she wore her knee-high black leather boots with those 4-inch heels the ENTIRE time she was fucking us — as she was getting eaten by my wife. On the video I told Stacie to go lick Marcie’s asshole, which made Marcie grin then her body shook as Stacie’s tongue found that puckered anus and slipped into it. I then had walked over to the sofa with the camcorder, getting a close-up of Marcie’s pretty face (saturated in cheap makeup) and her bouncing huge tits. Marcie grinned up to the camera, moaned in pleasure, and purred, “She’s such a hot little fuck!” “You’re beautiful,” I said to Marcie, watching her get her ass eaten, panning the camera to show Stacie’s tongue up Marcie’s clean little butthole. Right above my wife’s small nose, Marcie’s shaved pussy was drenched in saliva and juice.

“Ooh make her eat my pussy I wanna cum,” Marcie groaned for me, her eyelids half-closing.

Jerking off hard watching the DVD, I stared at the TV hearing myself order Stacie to suck Marcie’s clit until she came. Stacie did just that, getting her face showered in cuntjuice — Marcie was a squirter. My erection in my hand was really so hard now, but watching the really sexy video was making me want to wait to cum. I knew what was coming, so to speak, on the DVD. Stacie licked Marcie’s cunt a little while, then Marcie looked at the camcorder and groaned, “I am gonna fuck your hot wife with a strap-on, got a problem with that?” And I recorded Marcie pushing Stacie onto her fours on the basement shag carpet, making Stacie secure the strap-on cock onto Marcie’s curvy pelvis, then Marcie and I made Stacie “worship” the plastic penis by kissing it, saying she “loves it,” and begging it to fuck her.

The moment on the video that Marcie was behind Stacie inserting the plastic cock into Stacie, my dick couldn’t take it, I started to spew a massive orgasm. Oh fuck the release felt so FINE. I pumped and pumped my shaft, cumming all over myself. I probably let out a little groan, it almost hurt I was so hard.

Fuck, man, I was covered in sperm. I got off the bed — pants and underwear at my ankles, mind you — and hobbled over to Stacie’s dresser. I opened her panty drawer and grabbed the first clean cotton pink thong I saw. I rubbed it on my stomach, cock and thighs, cleaning up my semen, then had to dab my hand too which had gotten drizzled.

“Fuck me harder please!” Stacie was screaming on the DVD, at my command, as Marcie was grabbing her hips pressing the strap-on deeper into my wife’s pussy. Damn, they had some fine sex that night. Actually, the best part of that night was Stacie sitting on her knees, naked, after fucking Marcie for over an hour, watching me have my turn with the whore. Stacie didn’t say a word and just silently watched me do the teenage hooker in about every position; it was the only time I’d fucked a woman in front of Stacie that Stacie wasn’t participating. I had to wear a condom, but that was cool too, Stacie drank my cum out of it. Something she’d never done before, so that was a nice touch.

Well, off went the DVD. I had ideas, and I’d probably be watching it later tonight.

After pulling up my pants and zipping them closed, I grabbed the vibrator and bumbled noisily down the steps back to the living room. I found Stacie and Andrew sitting apart from each other, totally nude, chatting. Stacie was on her back, Andrew was leaning against one of the sofas. They were playing footsie, or she was with him at least, while she was touching her clit lightly.

“He’s back,” Andrew smiled at me, then he noticed the sex toy in my hand.

I grinned, taking my place back on the sofa across from him. “She better not be done fucking,” I giggled, tossing the vibrator in his direction. It landed a few feet away and he snatched it up.

Stacie saw the toy, and her eyes grew wide but she didn’t otherwise react. Andrew studied it, smiled at me then her, and snapped it “on.” I could tell it wasn’t the highest setting, so I suggested he just give her “maximum.” He changed the setting and yeah, he had it on “3” — the little device was going BUZZZZZZZZ.

“Ok slut,” I groaned, careful not to use her name because Andrew had no idea what it was (that was part of the fun, wasn’t it), “get on your knees and show him your ass and cunt, right now!”

My wife did as told, silently. She crawled around until her ass was pointed at Andrew, she had dropped to her elbows and was looking back at him over her shoulder.

I smiled at how willingly she did her duty. “Now, slut, tell him what you really want?”

Stacie’s voice was a bit more quiet now, but firm. “Fuck me, use the toy, fuck me hard.”

I shrugged, thinking I should throw in a curve. “Ask him to fuck your ass, baby.”

“Fuck me in the ass with that vibrator,” Stacie immediately moaned at Andrew.

He looked at me one last time, then moved the toy over to Stacie’s little butt. “Oh!” she yelped as it hit her skin, buzzing hard. I didn’t know if a vibrator really did much for a chick’s ass, but what the fuck, she’d enjoy it anyway. Her butthole obviously was all wet from her fucking and cumming, so Andrew didn’t have much trouble sliding it into her hole, just a bit.

Her head pulled up, facing me, but her eyes were closed. “Oh fuck,” she moaned, then louder she blurted, “Fuck me!”

I watched as Andrew probed her little ass with the relatively thick vibe a few times, pushing in deeper each time. She was tensing, it was definitely tight. “Yeah dude, fill that slut’s little ass,” I groaned with a smile. He was pushing deeper now, and Stacie was straining to push her body back to meet the probing toy. My cock, so quickly after cumming, was getting hard again.

With Stacie working to take the vibrating toy into her tight butthole, I smacked her with a sharp question. “Hey bitch, the bedroom looks like it hosted an orgy today — were you up there fuckin’?” Andrew looked over at me with a surprised smile, although it didn’t do anything to stop him from twisting the vibe deeper into my wife’s tight butt.

Stacie didn’t respond, her face was pained, eyes closed, mouth trembling, feeling the toy going up her poopshoot. Her elbows and knees were spread wide for leverage, so she could push against it, and her body was rocking slightly against the thrusts of the toy into her. But a few seconds later, in a very quiet voice and with a barely-detectable nod, the brunette responded, “Yesss.”

My cock twitched. “Did you now? Anyone I know?”

My wife was sucking on her lower — she looks so sexy when she does that — but not because of my questions, instead from the pressure mounting inside her butt. So her answers were quick, and quiet, very submissive. “No,” she blurted out, softly.

“Oh, I see.” I giggled, but actually, I was getting so fucking turned on. Hearing about her fucking around is the highlight of every day I come home from work; it doesn’t always involve other people in person, but hardly a day goes by that she doesn’t get off somehow. And she usually never offers me the information voluntarily, but only rarely does she play coy with me. “So, was it a guy or girl?” You never know.

“Guy,” her response came quietly, followed by, “Uhh, oh god!” Her head dropped to the floor, her long dark hair falling around her arms, as she was working hard to push her butt against the vibrator entering her asshole. Andrew had one hand on the vibe, the other flat on one of her buttcheeks peeling it to the side, giving himself more room to probe her anus. The vibrator was looking pretty juicy, so it was well-lubricated to fuck her. Andrew was doing a good job of inserting it slowly, until her body naturally was pressing it out, and he pushed against the pressure to shove it in more, forcefully. He also was twisting it around a bit, so she felt the ribs and could feel its presence better.

I savored the twin joys of seeing my wife get anally probed by a vibrator by a nude, total stranger, while also hearing about her fucking some other guy today on our bed. “So you fucked a guy in my bed did you, fuck you’re such a slut — well, did you make him cum good at least?”

I couldn’t see her face, but I heard her moan, “Yeah, good,” as she was still straining to fuck the vibrator with her ass.

“How many times did you make him cum, huh?”

“Four,” she moaned breathlessly, “four times, I think — oh FUCK!” She yelped and gasped, as Andrew was really shoving the vibrator hard into her ass. There was maybe 6 or 7 inches inside her little body, by this point he must have been straightening out her colon or something, I don’t know. Stacie’s small body was bent way over now, her little ass up high as she could get it, as she leaned backwards with her elbows on the floor practically against her knees.

Wow, four orgasms, pretty good for any guy. “So when did Mr. I-Can-Cum-Four-Times come over today, huh?”

“Mmm uhhhh GAWWD!” I could see her trying to look back past her pussy, between her thighs, to watch Andrew shoving the vibrator into her ass.

I had to adjust my growing erection, this was too fun. “C’mon, bitch, when did he cum over?”

Her reply was, again, soft but firm. “Lunch.”

“And — uh — when did Mr. Cumsalot leave?”

Stacie lifted her head up to the ceiling now, as her body was humping the vibe. She rose onto all fours, up on her hands, so she could bounce her little frame back and forth. Still not looking at me, her eyes mostly closed, she took a couple deep breaths and rocked forward and backward a few times against the toy in her ass before answering, “When you called from the car.”

Jesus! The bitch was fucking in our bedroom from like noon to maybe an hour ago, then what, it couldn’t have been twenty minutes from the time I called from the car until she was nude in the foyer sucking Andrew’s penis.

I had to watch her hump that thing in her ass, although from the position, I couldn’t see it penetrating her. No matter, I could watch Andrew’s glaring face as he ogled the thing pushed into Stacie’s little butt, and I loved the painful look on Stacie’s triangular face with her titties flopping under her thin chest each time she pushed back then rocked forward. She looked back towards Andrew over her soft shoulder, crowing, “Fuck my ass baby, harder!” and she rammed herself backwards so hard, she knocked his hand off of the vibrator. He immediately reacquired it and, grabbing it in both hands, literally shoved it forward, furiously, into her body. “FUCK!” she roared, feeling how deep it was going.

“So, you slut,” I teased as I watched her ass get stuffed, “were you planning to tell me that you were fucking all afternoon, in OUR bed?”

Her face turned to face me again, still her eyes not focused on me, her facial expression didn’t change either. Her answer to me was even more quiet than earlier. “Not really.”

“NO?” I pretended to sound incredulous, but that was mostly for Andrew’s sake, I think. I never know what game Stacie is gonna play, like I mean, sometimes she is so bubbly when I get home she volunteers cheerfully that she got her brains fucked out. Most of the time, she won’t mention it until I ask, then she’ll give me all the details. I do think there are times she won’t mention it at all, but I have no idea why that is — either a random change of her mood, or maybe there’s some special guy she really likes, I don’t know. So I’m not really actually shocked she wasn’t going to mention it, but I figure, I might as well sound mad about it.

“No, huh?” I repeated, more obstinately than a moment before. “Why the fuck not?”

Stacie kept fucking the toy with her ass for a few seconds, then in a hushed, guilty voice, she meekly moaned, “Cuz I was a total cumslut for him.”

Nice answer! But I made a mad look on my face, while I started getting a sexy idea. “Hey buddy,” I called out to Andrew, getting his attention off of my wife’s naked ass, “how long can you stay to fuck her, what did you say, like 9?”

He nodded. “Yeah, I told my wife I have a meeting until 9.”

I always wondered if that excuse works with wives; actually, it’s always been my wife telling me she was “shopping” until “late” or whatever, and I don’t question her about that. Hahaha. I looked at the clock, it was approaching 7:30. “Kewl, so you gonna stay and fuck her until 9?”

Andrew’s eyes gleamed as he nodded, while he kept pressing the vibrator deeper still into Stacie’s sexy little tush.

I smiled, then I looked back to my wife. “Ok baby, why don’t you roll over onto your back and let this nice man screw your clit and cunt with the vibe?”

“Fuck yeah.” Stacie launched herself forward, onto her elbows, pulling her butt away from the vibrator. I swear to god, I heard it pop out, what a sexy noise that was. She instantly flopped onto her back on the carpet in front of Andrew, spreading her legs again so anxiously. “Do me, fuck me with it.”

He proceeded to lean forward and press the sizzling vibrator’s slanted tip against her protruding clitoris. Stacie’s body jumped and she yelped with a squeak. Man, she was so turned on, and she must have been so sore by now. But, oh boy, this was going to be a solid day of sex for Stacie. Not taking my eyes off of Andrew rubbing the vibrator over Stacie’s clitty, I leaned to the corner of the room and grabbed the phone. Stacie didn’t see me, but Andrew was glancing over to see what I was doing. I ignored his interest and dialed a number I had come to remember. Me, I’m pretty good with numbers, I dial a number maybe 5 times and I remember it.

My wife was wiggling in place under the vibrator, feeling it press and grind her clitty into her pelvis, making delicious little squirming noises. The phone rang about three times, then a guy’s familiar voice answered. “Hello?”

“Hey, Brockster,” I said out loud, “it’s me, Derek, the dude married to your favorite slut.”

“Hey buddy!”

Duh, was he happy to hear from me, he always was. Andrew was just listening now, his eyes glued to the sight of Stacie’s drenched wet cunt being split at her clit by the buzzing vibrator. “Hey, buddy, you home late tonight?”

“Yeah,” came the immediately reply over the phone, “why’s that?”

I started doing calculations in my head. I had to drive Andrew back to his car at work, then come home to get Stacie, and she’d have to have time to clean up at least a little bit. I mean, her hair WAS a fucking mess now. I was about to ask if Brock was available to meet at like 10pm, but suddenly I realized, I’m gonna wanna fuck Stacie myself before I take her out. “Hey Brock, wanna get laid by one fucking slutty brunette, at say like, 11pm tonight?”

Like I had to ask. “You are da man, Derek, I was wondering when I might get to fuck her again — 11 it is.”

“OK bud,” I mused, watching Stacie’s body really gyrating wildly now against the vibrator, “how ’bout we meet at the watering hole next to your apartment again, we’ll have a drink, then I’ll leave her with you and you can drop her off tomorrow on your way to work?” It was an arrangement we’d done twice before.

“Deal!” You could fucking hear him smiling over the phone, fuck I’d made this guy’s night. Now, make that two guys. I deserve some kind of prize, don’t I? “Soo,” Brock inquired with a hint of hesitation, “what are she doing now?”

I found myself staring at the vibrator on Stacie’s cunt; Andrew was now rubbing it over her lips, up and down, circling around the hole. “She’s getting laid, of course, but we’ll be done and you can have her pussy for the night, ok?”

“Sounds good to me,” Brock laughed, “but don’t wear her out for me!”

“Why, you plan to fuck her all night again?”

“Oh, she won’t sleep!”

That’s what I wanted to hear. Man, think about it, Stacie got laid all afternoon, is fucking Andrew tonight, I’ll do her for a while, then Brock will take care of her overnight into the morning. Stacie is gonna fucking love me in the morning, although she might not be able to walk for a day or two. I hung up with Brock, turning to focus again on Stacie getting done with the vibrator. Andrew was inserting the tip into her pussy, barely, teasing her ready to fuck her deeper. When Stacie realized I was off the phone, she let out some pent-up energy. “Oweee, fuck me hard!” she screamed at Andrew.

Andrew nodded towards the phone. “So who’s she fucking tonight?”

“Him?” I made sure I looked very nonchalant, almost bored even. “Oh, just some guy we met a couple months ago — get this, we met him at a porn store, he went to find a video to get off with, and he ended up starring in his own porn movie — filmed by me, with his cock in this little slut’s cunt and mouth.” I snickered, thinking to myself, that’s the in slot 29 upstairs. “Brock is pretty cool, his dick isn’t nearly as big as yours, but man, I am not making this up, he can stay hard like 2 or 3 hours, just fuck nonstop, he’s like a machine.” Recalling a running gag I had with Brock, I quipped, “just imagine if he was on Viagra! He’d fuck a fourth hole into her I bet!”

I stood up and stepped over to stand next to my wife, on her back on the floor. Looking down at her face, she looked up at me for the first time for quite a while. “So baby,” I grinned to her, “you fuck this nice man a while, then you clean up when I take him back to his car, and I’ll take you out tonight so you can keep Brock happy until morning, okay?”

Stacie’s eyes barely flinched, and she didn’t smile or frown or anything. Her lips were quivering from the pleasure at her vagina. “Whatever you desire, sir.”

Andrew and I both grinned at her diffident response. Now, is that honoring your marital commitment, or what?

With the evening planned out, I thought it was time to take care of my rumbling stomach. And my team was on at 8, although I’d have to miss the second half, or most of it. “So,” I said to Andrew, pointing at his naked dick, which had gotten pretty big again, “you can fuck her with that big cock of yours whenever you want, if you wanna use the toy on her that’s fine, I’m gonna go relax upstairs and I’ll come back down at 9 to take you home to wifey, kewl?”

You should have seen the funny look on the stud’s face. I was actually going to leave him alone to fuck my wife for over an hour? You know, he doesn’t understand. He assumed I wanted to watch the sex because I got off on it. Well, he’d be right, of course. But I bet in his pea-brain he couldn’t fathom how I’d “get off” if she was fucking him in another room. So that’s hard to describe. Knowing Stacie is down here getting laid, stuffed by a really huge cock, and knowing I’m gonna take her out to fuck later, I mean, I just love it. So I’m weird. And I was gonna get my jollies later, I’d have about an hour to fuck her cummy pussy before I take her to meet Brock.

I looked down at my wife’s face again before leaving the room. “Happy fucking, you cunt,” I grinned.

Her face didn’t twitch. But her eyes smiled, lovingly. I knew that look, one she only gave me. She loved me in so many ways, just as I did her. This was only one aspect of our relationship built on trust, love and lust, and the words I called her were only a part of a game.

“He’s such a hot fuck,” Stacie muttered to me as her official response, “I want him to cum so deep in me.”

I laughed. “Then make him,” was my uncaring retort as I turned to head to the kitchen and eventually the bedroom.

* * * * FAST FORWARD * * * *

I strolled back into the house at 10:10 pm, after having dropped Andrew off at his office parking lot. It was later than I’d scheduled, but he needed to clean up before going home, so he and I didn’t leave my house until about 9:20 or so.

My wife was in the first-floor powder room, bending over the sink to apply makeup and lipstick. She was wearing a low-rise pair of blue jeans, which you have to adore because they hug her delicious little ass. Her black thong’s strings rose above the top edge, hooking over her hips. She had on a strapless white haltertop under an unbuttoned jeans jacket, and in the mirror I could see the shadow from her stiff nipples in the white top — no bra, of course. She’d taken a shower, I think, or at least washed her hair, it was now well-brushed, given volume, spilling around her beautiful triangular face.

Quietly I slipped into the powder room and sat on the closed toilet, watching her spread the smudge-proof lipstick onto her thin lips. “You look so gorgeous,” I said completely honestly and in total devotion, “I swear you are an angel.”

“Aww, you’re sweet,” my wife giggled with a wink, “I bet you say that to all the girls.”

I caught her eye in the mirror, we looked at each other for a second. I made sure my voice sounded soothing. “You okay? This might be alot.”

Stacie put her lipstick down, done with it, and stood straight up straightening her jacket. “Yeah, very okay,” came her quiet but energetic response, “I’m fine.”

I reached out for her hand, our fingers intertwined and squeezed each other tenderly. “You know,” I smiled, pulling her towards me slowly, “I didn’t ask him for details of the last couple hours, when I drove him home.” I let my gaze fall on the tight crotch of her jeans; you couldn’t quite make out the shape of her pussylips inside, but I still stared anyway. “You wanna, um, tell me if you have any more cum up there?”

I heard her cackle, and she moved faster than I was pulling her, straddling me as I sat on the toilet lid. She ground her crotch right against my erection inside my slacks, and my nose filled with the sweet aroma of her strong perfume. Whispering quietly, she leaned into my ear and said softly, “What do you wanna know baby — how he came two more times in my pussy while I was using the vibrator on my clitty?”

Ooh, that got me harder. I put my hands on her ass through her jeans, feeling her little buttocks, pulling her harder on my erection. “So when I wasn’t there, did you, like, tell him you love him?”

She giggled, knowing that I knew it was all part of the game. “Fuck yeah, honey — I do — his cock was sooo fucking goood, so fucking big, he stretched me and was so tender and kind and loving, and he fucked me like the slut I am.” She kissed my forehead, but I guess the smudge-proof lipstick wasn’t so smudge-proof, she had to lean back and use her thumb to rub off the lipstick left on my skin. “I was all curled up with his cock in me and I whispered, ‘I swear I think I love you, I wanna fuck you all the time, please say you’ll fuck me again?'” Stacie ground her hot ass around and drove her crotch up and down my shaft under her. “What do you think about that honey, your cumslut wife told two men today she was in love with them, and their big huge sexy dicks.”

“I think,” I smiled up at her, reaching up to remove her jeans jacket, “that as good as you look in these clothing, you’ll have to put them back on again in about a twenty minutes.”

Stacie let me brush her jacket off, then she arched her back for me as I peeled down her top to bunch it around her waist. Her sexy B-cup titties pointed at me, so soft and precious. Normally I’d have started to suck them a while, but we didn’t have time, I didn’t want to be too late for Brock. The powder room was a little too small to get it on here — trust me, we’ve tried it before — so I scooped up her 120-pound body in my arms and carried her to the living room. She had both arms around my shoulders, smiling sweetly at me, as I stepped over to the sofa where I had been sitting earlier in the evening.

I sat on the sofa while my wife stood between my legs, arching her back again to show off her sexy nude titties. She unzipped and unfastened her jeans, then pushed them and her thong down to her feet. She hadn’t put on shoes yet, so she could step out of her pants leaving her naked except for the white strapless haltertop now bunched around her tummy. Kicking the pants/thong away she bent over and opened her husband’s fly now, and together we pushed my pants and underwear to my ankles.

A moment later Stacie was straddling me on the sofa, pushing her tits into my face, rubbing her wet cunt against my throbbing penis. My hands were on her thin thighs and I pushed her straight now, not wanting to wait. “Oh jesus,” I groaned, finding her pussy totally sloppy wet as it sunk around my cock. I imagined a lot of the wetness was Andrew’s sperm. “Fuck baby you’re so wet.”

Her voice was strained, as she bent backwards to sink lower onto my erection, holding me by my shoulders. “Oh fuck me sweetie!”

My hands reached farther down to grab her buttcheeks, clutching them, as me wife began to ride my dick. Her long thin neck is so dainty, I leaned forward and planted my lips against it, sucking loudly and hard, feeling her velvety cunt slide up and down my rockhard shaft. “Fucking cumslut whore,” I groaned against her skin, wiggling my hips to thrust my cock up into her, “did you really tell TWO men today — one you NEVER met before — that you loved them just because they fucked you so hard?”

“Yes!” She squealed proudly. “Yes I did baby, I’m such a dirty slut, I met them both today and fucked them and begged them to fuck me again and again because I love them!”

We were both so turned on, she was humping me almost viciously, pounding down on my pelvis with her sexy fanny, while I was ramming my thick hips upward to slam my meat into her cum-filled cunt. I felt my cock swelling inside her drenched vagina, and I knew I was gonna blow pretty soon. “Where’d you meet the afternoon stud, Mr. Cumsalot?” After I asked my question I leaned forward and stuck one of her boobs in my mouth, salivating on it.

“Fuck!” She grabbed my head, pulling it into her tit, feeling me swallow her breast into my warm wet mouth. “God yes, suck it — I met him jogging — he was so fucking sexy and good, I was such a slut for him!”

I felt her grab the back of my head, pulling me off her breast, and instantly her wet mouth was on mine. My wife shoved her tongue into my mouth and I sucked it hard, using my tongue to dance around it too, sucking her breaths into my lung then trading that same air back to her. Our kiss was so violent our teeth met, crashing together, and now my tongue was in her mouth, and hers in mine, both sliding over each other.

When she pulled back from the kiss, there was so much saliva in our mouths that a long bridge of spit stretched from her lips to mine, until she smiled and wiped it off with a finger, sucking her finger clean then. She giggled at me, continuing to ride my dick. “Know what I did for Andrew?” She looked proud of herself, and I didn’t mention that he wasn’t supposed to tell her his name. Well, she has that effect on guys. I shook my head wanting to know what she did, and she actually looked embarrassed. “Well–” She flicked her head back, her long dark hair bouncing over her shoulder, as she slowed her humping on my erection. “Um, he was like, ‘my wife never does nasty shit,’ sooo — so after he cummed in my ass once, I stuck my fingers into it and licked off his cum from them.”

Oh, you asslicking cumslut!” I grinned, grabbing her hips again and forcing her even harder down onto my dick. She yelped at feeling how deep I was inside of her. “So when are you gonna see Mr. Jogger again, to fuck him?”

Again, my wife looked almost guilty, rolling her eyes and bouncing around like she just wanted to fuck and not answer the question. “Mmm, I dunno, maybe, maybe tomorrow?” She laughed at some inside joke. “Mmm, he thinks I’m cheating, so we’re you know, keeping our little affair secret and low-key.” She really laughed hard then.

“And, let’s see, when are you meeting Andrew again, to fuck this other man you now are in love with?” There was not a hint of answer or jealousy in my voice.

Stacie smiled down at me, pushing a single strand of hair off of my temple. “I dunno baby, there are so many guys I fuck, I have to find time for him in my busy schedule.”

We kissed again, so fucking hard.

Having her ride me with that sizzling little body of hers is such a turn-on, but I wanted to cum so badly and it wasn’t my favorite position for that. I had Stacie climb off me and get on her knees on the sofa, back to me, so as she hunched forward on the sofa I stood behind her and slipped my willy into her gaping wet pussy. I grabbed her little hips and held her steady and smashed my pelvis into her ass and thighs, pounding her so fucking hard so fast, making her squeal. I felt her hand reach under herself to rub her clit while I savagely drilled her cunt from behind.

“Yes, fuck me yes!” she screamed, the side of her face smashed against the backrest of the sofa.

“Fucking dirty whore!” I screamed at her, my orgasm approaching, “you’d rather fuck all those other men than spend a quiet evening home alone with your loving hubby!”

Her shriek was full of an impending orgasm too. “Oh fuck yes! I’m such a fucking slut, I want all those cocks baby, I HAVE to fuck them, I NEED to get fucked so good!”

Stacie was clutching the backrest of the sofa, pushing her little body backwards to meet my pelvis as I thrust it forward harder and faster. Someone from the street probably could hear the SLAP SLAP SLAP as my hips smacked into her fleshy buttocks and thighs, making them ripple with each impact. The drool from her cunt was spilling out from my cock impaling deep inside her then pulling out. Drops of her cuntjuice were cascading down my thighs and onto the sofa and floor, not to mention dripping off of my balls and fat shaft. I had my hands still firmly wrapped around her thin thighs, not so much to hold her still because the slut was gyrating her little ass back and forth to meet my pounding thrusts. I just like feeling her body fucking, whether me or someone else, that’s all.

She turned her head, most of her face hidden behind her fluffy dark hair, and caught my eyes. I could see she was so fucking close to cumming, but what she really wanted to do was get me off. She knew how. “Fuck honey,” her voice groaned with strain, “Brock is gonna fuck me so good tonight isn’t he, I’m probably still going to be fucking him when you are going to work tomorrow morning.”

The image of Brocks’ meaty dick poking my wife’s bald cunt all night in his apartment was definitely a turn-on, and I felt that swelling starting to build in my balls that I wasn’t going to stop. If I had anything to say back to her, my mouth was not moving as I was using every bit of energy to try and hold off my unavoidable orgasm.

With a louder wail, she continued the thought, although her eyes weren’t really looking at me anymore. “Oh Derek honey I love how Brock is going to fuck me without stopping for so long, I love fucking him, he fucks me like no one else fucking can, it’s so fucking amazing, I’m so fucking horny to go fuck him!” Her eyes looked at my face now, to see if she was having the effect she wanted. “I want to be his little whore all night, oh baby please let’s get going so I can go fuck him!”

“Fuck!” It was there, I couldn’t stop. Man, hearing my bitch talk about wanting to get laid so bad, she gets me off all the time. With one savage growl I thrust my erection as deep into her cummy twat as I could, sealing her little buttcheeks against my firm abdomen, and my fingers hooked around her skinny hips to pull her hard against me. Just as I buried myself in the back of that wet tube my cock orgasmed, and a huge almost painful burst of cum squirted out of my shaft into the back of her vagina.

Stacie felt the motion of my cock having an orgasm, and she shrieked in pleasure, and with her fingers rubbing her clit still she brought herself to a nearly simultaneous climax. “Ohhh fucking gawwwwd!”

I was making a series of animal grunts and moans as my dick spurted with wave after wave of semen, filling my wife’s pussy already flooded with Andrew’s cum. And Mr. Multiorgasmic from earlier today too. With her cumming pussy squeezing my dick as it cummed, I almost felt in pain until my cum subsided. I was woozy for a moment until I regained awareness that I was standing behind my wife fucking her.

Pulling out of her wet cunt hurt too, and I needed a second to fall onto the sofa next to her, gasping for air. Stacie remained on her knees on the sofa, but she leaned all the way forward to rest her arms and torso against the backrest. For a few seconds, both of us were gasping for air, just trying to calm down, feeling our crotches and legs drip with the juices of sex.

“Oh fuck you’re so hot,” mumbled her adoring husband, “I could do that all night.”

She laughed through her hard breaths. “Yeah,” she smiled, “if I weren’t going to get fucked by a really hung stud.”

Stacie was the first to rouse herself off of the sofa, going to retrieve her thong and tight jeans and jean coat. I forced myself up and put back on my clothing too. Following her out the front door to the car, I took one long look at her little round butt in her tight, low-rise jeans, I was already getting hard again thinking how she was going to feel when Brock was sticking his dick into that cunt and ass in just a little while. Damn, I love my woman.

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