I was in the city playing poker with friends when she called me.

“Hey sweetie, I just got home, where are you?”

” I’m still at Rob’s house playing poker”

“Ok, I’m going to take a bath… and when you get back your clean freshly-shaved girl will be waiting for you ..to make her dirty again.” She teased.

“Sounds good to me, we should try a new recipe.. the spicier the better…”

I responded, hoping my “code” language for hot sex went unrecognized by my poker pals.

My thoughts drifted to fucking her ass, which is rare for us and only happens on especially horny occasions.

“Can do something ..Mediterranean?” I ventured.

“How about something a little more.. umm.. ” She took a breath, “I’m not sure what’s gotten into me tonight, but I feeling being a very naughty girl.”

This last statement was expressed with a serious and slow enunciation; deviating from the playful banter of our original conversation. My cock twitched. I failed to respond quick and clever, and the silence spoke for itself.

Was she subtly taunting me about an event some years ago? At my urging, she had gone on a date with another man and fucked him, coming home in the morning to my tortured soul and aching cock, narrating a detailed story of the evening’s torrid events as she sympathy-fucked me.

That incident was so intensely erotic that I gave her my marital permission to do it again if she pleases. And although she enjoys playing coy and promises she will if the situation was right, it’s not been a priority and we have continued with our relationship as monogamous as before.

I heard her chuckle on the line.

“What’s the matter little boy, I thought you liked naughty girls?”

“You know I do.”

“I went shopping today and want to try on some of these things.. how about I dress up and wait for you at Nic’s?”

“That’s sound fun.” I replied.

Nic’s was our local bar.. a dive with a few pool tables and friendly bartenders.

“And if there are any cute boys I might just flirt with them before you come rescue me.. what do you think about that?”

“Sounds kinda hot.”

She laughed and said goodbye and I got back to the game. My obvious hard-on kept me seated at the table long enough to make my bladder unhappy. At the table I got some good cards and my stack was grew rich.

I get a text:

“I’m wearing the red thong you got me”

And another:

“Bra or no bra?”

“NO BRA!” I quickly replied.

“Okay, but nipples obvious in new tanktop”


Time passed quickly. I made noises that I had to leave soon and got the expected jeers. It’s poor sport to leave early with a big pot.


“Coming soon? I’m here. cute guys tonight!”

“Did you leave yet? Getting bored”

I finally got away from the game, got in the car and texted her that I was on my way. As I drove she texted me with teasing taunts:

“Where r u? getting lots of attn now”

“flirting w a cute guy!”

“cute guy buying me drinks”

“Need rescue! Dan getting me drunk”

And finally: “ok w u that I play?”

This last one gave me a jolt. Was she teasing me? Because “play” could mean so much more than merely flirting. But it was cute that she named the guy buying her drinks. I responsibly pulled over and texted back:

“Naughty girl! I’ll be there soon to rescue you from Dan’s evil clutches!”

Her response:

“Hurry or u will be too late”

Wow, she was really playing me and I was hard as a rock by the time I parked. I walked toward the entrance and could see it was a busy night. Small groups of smokers huddled at the entrance and new crushes flirted with each other in the darker alleyway. It was a sexy scene.

I spotted one couple in a dark corner of the side street, making out. I could see their forms in the shadows, her blond hair, no faces. He had her pinned against the wall. Her back was arched, one of her wrists held tight above her head by one hand, his other hand god knows where. Her knee was bent, pressing into his crotch, raising her short red skirt and exposing a bare, white thigh to the streetlight. The stark contrast of her nakedness was hard to miss in the dark alley.

“Well, that’s hot” I muttered to myself and entered the bar.

I took a glance around and didn’t see her. I ordered a beer, tipped the bartender and waited for her to come out of the bathroom. In the corner of my eye I spotted her walking in the main door and turned around to greet her… she had a sexy, mischievous smile on her face as she walked up, gave me quick peck me on the lips and said hi stranger. She smelled of cigarettes and alcohol. She must have been outside smoking, which usually happens when she’s tipsy.

“That’s a cute top” I said.

“I thought you’d like it” She was staring at me, open-mouthed. “Especially sans bra.”

I took a moment to enjoy the sight of her hard nipples pushing against the thin fabric.

“What do you think of my new skirt?” She asked.

I gave her a once-over and realized how slutty she looked. From her black leather ankle boots on up to her bare thighs and a tiny schoolgirl-style red miniskirt just long enough to be decent in public. She was absolutely gorgeous. Her were cheeks flushed, her lips full, her wet mouth pursed with hint of a smile both wicked and loving. Under her sexy eyebrows, those dark unreadable eyes were still locked hard on mine.

Over her shoulder, I noticed a guy stroll through the door and pause abruptly, appearing to stare directly at me. Distracted, I nodded out of politeness and focused back on Jenny’s sexy gaze.

“Do you still need rescuing?” I teased.

” Umm..” She hesitated.

Her stare was completely burning into me now, I almost asked her if she was okay, but she was still smiling at me.

At that moment a hand slid around her waist, and the man from the door appeared at her side.

“Hi” he practically yelled at me.

“Hi” I automatically replied, looking down at his hand on my wife’s waist, which had now slipped slightly under the edge of her tanktop.

“You’re too late” Jenny blurted at me.


“You’re too late to rescue me from Dan’s evil clutches”.

“Oh?” I wasn’t following.

“I’m sorry,” She said, “Ted, this is Dan, Dan this is my husband, Ted.”

“OH!” Dan exclaimed in surprise. But his hand didn’t leave her waist.

There was a rush of realization – the couple in the alley – that was this guy and Jenny making out! An overwhelming nausea of jealousy and sexual betrayal hit my stomach; my legs went weak, like I had been kicked in the balls. I couldn’t form any words. Jenny laughed outloud. She leaned into Dan and said,

“See,I told you it’s okay.. he actually likes it it, don’t you Ted?”

She turned toward me, staring directly into my eyes, daring me for my response.

“She can do what she wants” I replied weakly.

“Hey.. look, I’m not an asshole.” Dan responded. His arm had left her waist and he gestured sincerely with open hands. “I’m not into cheating or hurting people. So I’ll walk away and act like nothing’s happened..”

“No, no seriously, it’s okay, we’re open like that ..and it turns me on.” I quickly replied.

Geez, I couldn’t believe I just said that out loud. Dan looked at me deadpan for an awkward eternity and I nervously glanced at Jenny. Her eyes were wide with amusement.

“Well if that’s the case then I guess it’s a turn-on for all of us.”

He finally announced, as his arm deftly returned to my wife’s waist, pulling her closer to him.

She leaned her body into him and said, “Dan invited me back to his place.. if that’s okay with you.”

It wasn’t much a question as a statement.

“Do you want to go?” I limply asked.

She hesitated. “I told him I wanted make sure you’re okay with it first..”

“So you want to go.” I said flatly.

“Well, I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t” She responded shortly,

“So, it’s really up to you.. ”

I swallowed. I wasn’t sure if she knew how humiliating this was… but she was clearly making me cuckold myself in front this guy.

“well .. okay I guess.”

She stepped toward me and kissed me tenderly and then passionately. Her tongue felt hot in my mouth. I reached for her waist to bring her closer but she broke off with a lingering kiss and soft eyes. Dan was smiling at us.

“How about we all do a shot?” He announced.

Shots were ordered and served and we raised our glasses in a toast.

“To good times with Jenny!” Dan exclaimed.

“Wait, I can’t toast myself!” Jenny laughed.

“Okay.. To bad guys and horny wives.”

She gave him a look of mock disapproval. They entwined their arms, took each other’s shot, and started kissing.

They kissed deeply in a uninhibited display of lurid lust. Their hands groped each other. I sipped my shot and attempted to looked away. I lowered my eyes.. down to her tits, pressing against him as they made out; down at his hands.. slowly caressing her ass. To the floor now.. and her cute little boots.. up on tip toes. I shifted my hard-on and sipped my shot.

Eventually she asked him to meet her outside excused herself to the restroom. I looked at Dan, he was younger and more handsome then I realized.. maybe college age, fairly tall, good posture.. striking brown eyes with a glint of bad-boy.

He looked at me seriously and said, “Don’t worry I’ll take good care of her.”

“I’m sure you will!” I replied thickly.

He guffawed and playfully punched me on the shoulder, then turn to the door to fetch his car.

Jenny came out of the restroom and walked up to me. She whispered in my ear:

“I’m about to fuck another man, I’ll give you one last chance to stop me, because I don’t want you whining about it later.”

“No, it’s okay, I can handle it.” I replied weakly.

She brushed her hand over my cock. I was very hard. Something made her smile. She leaned in to whisper again:

“He has a bigger cock then you, I felt it outside when we were making out”

She kissed me teasingly.

“Are you really sure you want your little girl riding it all night?”

“What if he wants your ass?” I croaked.

She chuckled.

“I hadn’t thought about it, but it turns me on knowing that it worries you.” she mocked, and then pressed something into my hand.

“Take these home and think about what I’ll be doing all night. Don’t wait up, but I want you awake when I get home.”

She turned and walked out. I opened my hand to reveal a red thong. They were already wet.

The vibrating buzz on the coffee table jolted me upright out of garbled dreams and back onto the sofa. So much for silent mode. It was Gary again. Again with the cajoling to hit the bar. I thumbed a limp affirmative “k”, rubbed at the dried-out contacts in my eyes, and steeled myself for the considerable effort of taking a shower, getting dressed, and actually putting on shoes.

I was semi-hard in the shower. No particular reason, just the invigorating soapy water and the chronic horniness. I gave it a few lackluster strokes. Meh. It’s been over 3 weeks since she left and I’m getting so very tired of jacking off.

Positive Mind floated an idea across my consciousness: “Maybe you’ll get lucky at the bar…?”

“Yah , right.” Cynical Mind promptly responded, shutting me down. Always the realist, Cynical Mind, with that smug, superior tone.

I shaved, searched for my lucky blue boxer briefs (yet another completely arbitrary mind-fuck), pulled on my favorite jeans and button down shirt, and texted Gary that I’m on my way. It wasn’t a far drive, but I stopped for cigarettes, gum, and condoms.

Now I have to be honest here; I don’t really smoke. Well, that is, I don’t smoke unless I’m going to a bar when I’m single. I’m sure you know why, but I’ll explain it to those who haven’t been on the front lines in a while. Here’s the thing: You can’t have intimate conversations in crowded bars. You can only give knowing glances, grins and smiles and loud barking offers to buy drinks, desperate bellowing of “I LOVE THOSE BOOTS!” and other inanities.

And so here’s my problem: I don’t get laid if I can’t talk.

And my solution: I take smoke breaks outside the bar.

I could expand on this; in fact I did go into quite a bit of detail on it, but I deleted it. I’m sure the gentle, literate reader can figure out why having the perfect excuse for a one-on-one conversation with a (drunk) lady can get you laid. Let’s just say I thank the Lord for smoking laws.

So, with my cigarettes, my gum and my gumption, I walked in to greet my dear, slightly inebriated Gary. I immediately heard his voice rise from the din,

“Haayy it’s Daaaan! So you finalleee maaade it ha ha!”

Ugh, here we go. I wasn’t prepared for this level of boister. But I put on my happy face, puffed out my chest and powered-through toward the end of the bar.

While Gary and I caught up and bantered, I slowly took in the room. The spot was quite crowded for this early. We shared a shot and again I scanned the room, automatically refocusing for any Possibles.

Nothing much hopeful.

A few cuties who were obviously taken, others that just weren’t my type. I stared hungrily at the taken cuties, simultaneously telling myself to please-stop-acting-so-creepy.

More meaningless banter and a pee break. I’m so horny that my cock is semi-hard when I pull it out to piss. I guffaw in frustration. Coming out of the toilet, I spot a new item at the bar. A blonde, skimpy tank top and a short red skirt.. very hot. Bare legs.. and damn, those boots! Wait, is she with that guy? Nope, he’s a passing ship. Okay, now’s the time to saunter over all casual-like.. annnd.. now Gary’s chatting her up haha.. Great.

I hang back, watch, and listen.

She was a flirty one alright. Clearly enjoying the attention, yet entirely un-self-conscious in her manner. Usually an outfit like that screams “desperate for a man”, or simply an “attention-whore”, but she didn’t exhibit the obvious insecurities. Rather, it seemed that she simply wanted to feel sexy tonight. Her hair was straight and shoulder-length, cute smile, and mysterious, deep-set brown eyes. A wise man would know not make assumptions as to what goes on behind eyes such as those. She was fairly petite, well-proportioned.. and her perky “b” cup tits looked simply awesome in that top. I glanced down at her tanned, athletic legs under the bar, she was favoring one hip on the seat, knees pressed together, one boot-heel playfully hooked into the bottom ring of the stool, the other ankle tucked behind it. The position was modest, but in my line of sight, it caused her short skirt to rise above her thigh in a tantalizing display of naked flesh.

I moved in closer as I watched them converse, I found her unpretentious, confident manner endearing, and incredibly attractive. I couldn’t stop gazing at her mouth as she talked, and her neck and.. her nipples were saying hello to me. I even heard my name! Suddenly aware that Gary had stopped talking, I glanced up from her tits to be confronted by their silent glares. Oops, it seems Gary was attempting to introduce me. I blushed at her scornful smile, regained my composure, and scooted closer.

“This is Jenny!” Gary yelled in my ear.

She held out a limp hand and I grasped it tenderly. Her finger-tips lightly brushed across my palm, following up along my fingers before withdrawing. I stared into her eyes as the lingering sensation reached my groin . We exchanged pleasantries and meaningless phrases. Gary withdrew, giving me the opportunity to close the space between us. Good guy, that Gary. I ventured some cynical comment regarding human social behavior. She smiled out of context. She seemed amused by me, for reasons not obvious to myself. I felt studied. Paranoia crept in: She can read me like a book; she knew I wasn’t much of a social drinker, I wasn’t here to meet friends or make friends; I was simply horny and on the prowl.

Clever Girl.

So concerned was I that I would scare her away with my carnivorous countenance, that I offered to buy her a drink. She guffawed and showed me her nearly-full glass. I parried and offered to buy the next one.

“Okay… but I feel it’s only fair to tell you that I’m married.” She held out her hand to display the evidence.

“That’s sweet that you’d be so concerned for my investment,” I replied sarcastically.

“Well, I figure there’s only one reason you want to buy me a drink.”

“And what reason do you think figure that is?”

“I don’t know, that you enjoy my company?” She replied tamely.

“I guess you’re right, cuz I enjoy Gary’s company, and I buy him drinks, and we even live together… ”

She playfully slapped my shoulder, “You know what I mean.”

“Well, maybe you shouldn’t be accepting drinks from strangers if you’re married” I muttered.

“Well, maybe my husband doesn’t mind,” She quickly retorted..

“Doesn’t mind what?” I was fishing.

She stared at me.

“Lots of …things…” She expressed each word with a wet tongue, almost lisping. My cock twitched.

I ordered her a drink, and turned to find her texting intently .

“Your husband, I presume?” I pried.

“Uh-huh,” She nodded without looking up.

“Anything interesting?”

She flicked a glance at me, “I told him that I was flirting with a cute guy.”

“I’m flattered,” I replied without irony, “So.. uh, why are you trying to make him jealous?”

She raised her head and looked me in the eye. “It turns him on.” She stated flatly.

“REALLY?” I sputtered, “Wow, that’s interesting.. so, uhh.. does it turn you on to make him jealous?”

“Yup,” She replied, “I mean, me doing the things that make him jealous turns me on.”

“Like flirting?”

“Uh-huh, like .. flirting.”

She was texting again.

“What now?”

“I told him that the cute guy was buying me drinks.”

“Wow, just a cute guy huh, I don’t even deserve a name in this game?”

She rolled her eyes at me and started texting again.

“Okay, I just used your name and said you were getting me drunk!”

“Great, now he’s going to track me down.. What’s his name?”

“Ted,” she replied, “He won’t be mad at you; he knows I’m just playing around.”

“So, what does Ted get mad at?” I pushed.

She put a hand to her mouth and giggled.

“When I smoke cigarettes.”

I sat back and chuckled. Not the response I had expected. I leaned forward conspiratorially,

“So let’s go make him mad then.”

She stared at me, not comprehending.

I held out a cigarette, and she burst into laughter.

We shared the cigarette in the alley behind the bar. The intimacy of it was intoxicating. I watched her stub the butt with her boot, following the twisting motion of her ankle up past her thighs, up to the swishing curtain of skirt cascading off her round ass. I picked up the conversation where we left off.

“So, this jealousy game you have with your husband.. how do you know his limits.. I mean, flirting is one thing, but what happens if you cross the line?”


“Like what if.., ” I stepped toward her, “I touched you..,” And placed my hand on her hip.

We were close now, silent. Her body radiated warmth. I cocked my head slightly, implying an intention to kiss her, but she broke the moment with a shy smile, and pulled out her phone.

“I’ll ask him!”

She quickly finished her text and asked for a cigarette, but her phone immediately chirped a text reply before she could light it. I leaned over her shoulder and she raised the phone so I could read. What she had asked him made my cock hard:

“ok w u that I play?”

His reply:

“Naughty girl! I’ll be there soon to rescue you from Dan’s evil clutches!”

I chuckled at her husband’s response. “It’s like you guys are playing a game.”

“Exactly!” she exclaimed happily, “A naughty, sexy, exciting game.”

She started texting again. I stood behind her reading over her shoulder, leaning down close to her, smelling her hair. My hands were on her hips, and my hard-on was pressed against her ass-crack.. She subtly pushed back against it as she fumbled out her message:

“Hurry or u will be too late”

She pressed send and I whispered in her ear, “I think he’s too late!”

She turned to face to me. “You think so?”

She barely got the words out before our mouths came together and we kissed hungrily. I turned her around and pushed her back against the wall. We kissed and groped and squirmed and made each other ache with desire. Her thigh pressed and rubbed against my cock as I kissed her neck. My thumbs traced circles on the thin fabric covering her tits. I reached a hand between her legs. She hesitated, and I grabbed her wrist and held it above her head while my other hand reached toward her warm wetness. She moaned in my mouth and bucked her hips against my hand as I stroked the thin fabric on her mound.

“I want to take you home, can I take you home?” I whispered in her ear.

“I’ll have to ask Ted if he’s okay with that,” She backed me off.

“Well, she’s nothing if not loyal” I mused to myself.

We straightened our clothes and she headed back in without me. I watched her go as Gary accosted me for a cigarette and a warm congrats on the score. When I entered the room, I noticed she wasn’t in the restroom as I had assumed, but was instead at the bar again, chatting to some other guy. “Damn, you can’t leave a girl like that alone for minute,” I muttered to myself, and made my way over to reclaim my prize.

I came up behind her and slid my hand around her waist. “She’s mine!” I mind-shouted, while staring down this new competition. He stood there ignoring me, glancing back and forth between her and my hand on her waist.

“Hi!” I finally barked at him.

“Hi” He quietly replied.

“You’re too late” Jenny blurted at him.

“What?” He said.

“You’re too late to rescue me from Dan’s evil clutches.”

“Oh?” He looked at me.

“I’m sorry,” She said, “Ted, this is Dan, Dan this is my husband, Ted.”

“OH!” I exclaimed in surprise.

“See, I told you it’s okay.. he actually likes it, don’t you Ted?”

We waited for her husband’s reply.

“She can do what she wants” He replied weakly.

I wasn’t sure if this was a healthy scene or not, was his face showing jealousy?, rage?.. Defeat? Something bad was about to happen, I simply could not believe this man wasn’t about to have a violent blow-up or a miserable melt-down.

“Hey.. look, I’m not an asshole.” I quickly volunteered. “I’m not into cheating or hurting people. So I’ll walk away and act like nothing’s happened..”

“No, no seriously, it’s okay, we’re open like that ..and it turns me on.” Ted replied earnestly.

I looked at him. I was convinced now that he really didn’t mind, not only that, but he WANTED me to hook up with his wife as much as I did. I glanced at Jenny by my side; she was smiling up at her husband with mischievous amusement. Wow, this was quite a game they had. Oddly enough, they were now both waiting for my consent for things to continue.

“Well if that’s really the case, then I guess it’s a turn-on for all of us.” I proclaimed, and put my arm back around Jenny’s waist, pulling her closer to me. She leaned her body into me. “Dan invited me back to his place, She said to her husband, “if that’s okay with you.”

It wasn’t much a question as a statement.

“Do you want to go?” Ted limply replied.

She hesitated. “I told him I wanted make sure you’re okay with it first..”

“So you want to go.” He said flatly.

“Well, I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t” She replied curtly, “So, it’s really up to you.. ”

I observed their banter with amusement. Clearly this was a power-play game, and they both knew the rules intimately. I mused at how he was outwardly behaving as the passive victim and she was behaving like a cold-hearted slut; but clearly they were directing the outcome toward fulfilling their own mutual desires and predilections.

“well .. okay I guess.” He finally responded.

She stepped toward him and kissed him tenderly and then passionately. He reached for her waist to bring her closer but she broke off with a lingering kiss and soft eyes. It was sweet, tender, intimate, and I felt a pang of jealously at the level of closeness they shared.

Not knowing how this was supposed to play out, I went for the mundane:

“How about we all do a shot?”

Shots were ordered and served and we raised our glasses in a toast.

“To good times with Jenny!” I exclaimed.

“Wait, I can’t toast myself!” Jenny laughed.

“Okay.. To bad guys and horny wives.”

She gave me a look of mock disapproval, but she kissed me immediately after we took our shots.

She kissed me deeply and lustfully. Standing on tip-toes, pressing her tits against me as our hands groped each other’s bodies. I suspected she was putting on a show for her husband’s pleasure, but I didn’t have a problem with it.

Eventually she asked me to meet her outside and excused herself to the restroom. I glanced at Ted. He was older than me but handsome, fit, and tall. Despite what had just transpired, he had a confident composure, with a glint of bad-boy in eye. He certainly didn’t fit the stereotype of the wimpy cuckolded husband. I wondered if he also strayed, or if he merely took his pleasure from encouraging her shenanigans.

I looked at him sincerely in the eye and said, “Don’t worry I’ll take good care of her.”

“I’m sure you will!” He replied thickly.

I guffawed awkwardly, playfully punched him on the shoulder, and quickly turned to the door to fetch my car.

I was idling my pickup truck in the parking lot when the passenger door opened and she got in. She immediately placed a warm hand on my thigh.

“Is everything okay?” I asked.

“Oh yah” She replied. “Ted is so turned on right now; he’s going to be suffering tonight,” She chuckled.

“And what about you?” I unconsciously glanced at her lap, “Are you turned on?”

She subtly squirmed in the seat. “Why don’t you check for yourself?” She breathed.

I scooted over the bench seat and leaned in for a kiss as I placed a hand between her thighs. She compliantly parted her mouth; and her knees.

She paused and flashed an evil grin when I discovered her panties were missing. Her wetness made me unable to resist slipping in the tip of my finger. She rolled her eyes and moaned, and raised her hips to let it go deeper. I took this as an invitation to insert another. She responded by undulating and rolling her hips, practically belly-dancing on my hand while we made out like desperate teenagers. Her guttural moans turned to high-pitched pants and escalated motions as she fucked my fingers toward climax. My hand was aching from the awkward angle by the time her eyes squeezed shut and her mouth opened in a silent scream. She continued to spasm involuntarily as I held her close in the warm cab, sweetly kissing her sweaty neck, while her heartbeat returned to normal. We enjoyed the privacy of the fogged windows.

Do you live alone? She eventually asked.

“No, I admitted, “Gary’s my roommate.”

“Gary ,huh? ..He’s kinda cute.. ”

“Don’t even go there,” I groaned.

“Why?” Her tone was petulant, “You’re not the boss of me!”

I guffawed.”So, you DO get off on making men jealous!”

She smiled mischievously and started fumbling for my belt.

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