The phone rang just as she was stepping out of the shower. She hadn’t spoken to her husband since she left for the state tournament Wednesday night. From weigh-in Thursday morning until Saturday afternoon, it seemed to her that she had been going non-stop.

Now it was Saturday evening, and she had finally had a chance to take that well-earned long hot shower. Without bothering to dry off or even grab a towel, she had already run around the foot of the hotel bed to the phone by the second ring. “How the hell are ya, sweetie,” she sang into the phone.

“Hi yourself, babe,” said the female voice at the other end of the line.

“Oh, hi Deb. I thought it was the hubby.”

“I figured. Listen, Bobbi, instead of just going to the hotel bar downstairs, it looks like we are going to some place James heard about, a couple of miles up the road. Can you be ready in an hour? We can all squeeze into the van and go over together.”

“I’ll see you out front,” Bobbi replied.

She hung up the phone. Still dripping wet, she called home. No answer. He must have taken the kids out for dinner, she thought.

Drying off in front of the mirror, she paused to look at herself. At thirty-four, she really had never been in better shape. Five years of tae kwon do had kept her petite yet muscular form in great shape. Her dark all-over tan enhanced the look.

After blow-drying her light brown hair, now sun-bleached almost blond, she took in one more good look in the mirror. She still had that firm full round ass any college girl would die for. While her breasts had a little natural sag after breastfeeding two kids, they still had a lovely shape. They were topped with a pair of perfect ‘pencil eraser’ nipples. “very suckable,” her husband had often said.

She looked for a moment in the mirror at her closely-trimmed bush, which her husband had helped her keep shaved between the legs. Then she stepped back and took in the whole picture, briefly. She could have passed for five or maybe even ten years younger. Certainly, her attitude was stuck at a perpetual 25 years old.

She looked in her suitcase for the little black dress and black thong panties that she had discovered her husband had packed for her. She was a surprised to have discovered them when she had first arrived and began to unpack. She had been even more surprised to discover that he had also included a pack on Trojans.

What was it that he had said as she was leaving? “Hope you have a good adventure. Tell me all the details when you get home.” They had fantasized about this sort of thing a few times. She had even dressed sexy and flirted with other guys a few times while her husband watched, just to turn him on.

She had thought about it briefly as she had unpacked Wednesday night, but not since. There had been no time.

Okay, maybe she had thought about it once or twice. Thursday morning she had run into a guy from an Orlando club at the weigh-in. Bobbi thought she had caught him staring at her ass. She didn’t mind, once she had gotten a good look at him. Tall lean and muscular; he was handsome, too. He couldn’t be more than 25 or 26 years old, she had told herself.

Bobbi had let herself fantasize about maybe running into him later, but before her thoughts could get really interesting, she had been called to help out with some of the kids from her own club. By the time she had thought to take in another look for this guy, he had gone.

She had forgotten all about him until Saturday morning. Her competition already over, she had been helping coach some of the kids when she looked up and saw him again. He was maybe thirty feet away, packing his gear bag.

Bobbi watched him take off his uniform top to reveal a perfectly sculpted muscular chest and torso. She let her eyes wander over his abs, up his chest, over his shoulders and arms, as he slowly picked up and put on a tournament t-shirt. As his head emerged from the top, she thought she saw him looking back at her and smile.

She remembered what was in her suitcase and began thinking of the possibilities. She was just beginning to get aroused when she was once again called on to the floor to coach one of the kids.

Now, she finally had a moment or two to herself and Bobbi found herself thinking of him. Remembering his smile – had he really been looking her way, or was it just her imagination? No, he had been looking at her, smiling at her. She was sure of it.

Could she have really had him? What would he have really been like? Bobbi began to let her mind wander over and over again, recalling every detail of his athletic body. As she did so, she unconsciously began running her own hands over her own bare wet skin. Innocently enough at first, but as her thoughts continued, her hands lingered more and more on her erogenous zones – her neck, the sides of her breasts, her belly, the hollow in side her hips.

Bobbi lay down upon the bed and closed her eyes. Her thoughts and her hands continued to drift into deeper and deeper sexual territory. She imagined herself naked on that same bed, with him above her, kissing her neck; his strong hands exploring her body.

Her own hands now began their own exploration. Her right hand cupped her own right breast, giving it a firm squeeze. It then drifted over to the left, lightly raking her fingernails over valley in between. Bobbi held her left nipple between her thumb and index finger, and began to gently squeeze it, and roll it back and forth.

She imagined running her hands down his smooth naked body, coming to rest on his firm round ass. She thought of his large erection, pressing against her mons. Gripping him by the ass, she would alternately pull him up along her body, then push him down, forcing him to press the length of his cock against her inner lips and mons, gliding it up and down, lubricating its length with her juices.

Bobbi’s left hand was now buried between her legs. With the heel of her palm, she pressed down against her pubic mound; the flat of her hand and fingers pressing hard against her wetness. She moved her hand in time with the motion of the cock, pressing and gliding past the very same area in her mind.

She imagined reaching one hand around to the massive erection, grasping it firmly by the base, and rubbing it up and down, along the full length of her pussy. First pressing it low between her swollen lips, right at her very entrance, then rubbing it upward all the way past her clit, then down again.

Her own hands followed this action in her mind. Her index, middle and ring fingers, held close together, began rubbing her in exactly the same way, in time with her imagined cock. They pressed low and deep, not quite entering her, then slowly up, between her velvety lips until they reached her now firm clit. Pausing but a moment, then slipping past the clit and stopping at the small trim patch of light brown hair above, and then repeating. Each pass over the sensitive little bud created an electric shockwave through her, causing her to gasp and shudder, stronger and stronger with each pass as she pressed firmer and firmer.

She now saw herself looking him deep in the eyes and pressing his hardness directly against her entrance. She imagined feeling him enter, and slide deep inside. Bobbi was entranced with the imagined feeling of being filled by this man. Her own three fingers now slipped into her hot wet entrance. She began moving them in and out, pressing against the upper inside wall of her sex, pressing her palm firmly against her clit.

Her hands matched the cock in her imagination stroke for stroke, in and out; in and out; in and out, pressing firmer, reaching deeper. She imagined his hardness pressing against her clit as he would slide back out, and then plunge deep, all the way into her.

Bobbi’s breathing intensified. Her right hand now pinched her nipples harder, then moved down her torso, pressing firmly, down to her mound. Her left hand still furiously sliding in and out, her right hand now spread her smoothly-shaved outer lips, allowing her swollen inner lips and clit to protrude more.

Bobbi imagined feeling the man above her thrust deep and tense up, his massive organ wildly jerking deep inside of her, flooding her with its warm liquid. At that same moment, Bobbi also came, in wave after wave of orgasm. It seemed to last forever. She ran her fingernails lightly over her thighs, and then relaxed with a quiet smile.

After just a few minutes, reality set in, once again. Bobbi opened her eyes, looked at the clock, and realized that she had better get moving. After all, it was time to go out and celebrate all those hard-won medals with her friends.

Looking at that little black dress, she began to ask herself if she should put it on, or just wear jeans. After all, she was going to be out with her friends. What could she possibly do with them right there, watching?

“Oh, what the hell,” she finally said out loud. Maybe I can still have a little fun, she thought as she pulled the black thong up over hips, and slid the dress over her head. Her hour was up, and she knew they would be waiting for her in James’ van, out front.

Bobbi stepped out the front door and paused a moment to look at the little hotel courtyard. All of the rooms opened onto a lush, beautifully landscaped area, complete with secluded benches and a large gazebo, which contained a hot-tub. The hot-tub was closest to her room, within just a few feet of her door.

She had thought about how convenient that was when she had first checked into her room. She usually enjoyed relaxing in the hot water and jets of a hot-tub after competing, but just hadn’t gotten around to doing it this time. For a moment, she was beginning to think about going back into the room and changing into a swimsuit. Maybe she would just relax in the tub, instead of going out.

“Come on, Bobbi. We’ve all been waiting for you.” It was Debbie. Bobbi shut the door and walked quickly to meet her friend. “Wow, look at you,” Deb said.

They walked to the far end of the courtyard, went through the lobby door, past the front desk and out the main doors where Carlton had the van waiting. She climbed into the side door, and took the back seat, alongside Deb.

There were six, altogether: Carlton, their instructor; Eric, a long-time student; Ken and Jennifer, a married couple attending their first state competition; along with Deb and Bobbi.

After about a ten minute drive, they arrived at the nightclub. It was still fairly early, but the place was already full of people. Carlton explained that he had heard that it was a popular college student night spot, and was about the best place in town that would not be dead early on a Saturday night.

The place vibrated with dance music and colored lights. It had a rather upscale look for a popular college hangout. Bobbi could see the place was large. It had a huge central bar. To the right was a big dance floor, already crowded with people. To the left tables and booths against the far left wall. Beyond the bar, at the far wall, was a raised stage. There was no band up there this evening. The stage was being used as a second dance floor.

The group made its way to the back of the bar, by the stage. Carlton paid for the first round. Bobbi had her usual, “sex on the beach.”

Before Bobbi could finish her drink, Deb grabbed her hand and puller her to the stage. As she began dancing, she closed her eyes, and let the music flow through her. She finished her drink in one gulp, and just let herself go with the throbbing rhythm of the music.

After a few minutes, Bobbi opened her eyes and realized that position on the stage provided her with an excellent view of the rest of the club. She looked out over the main dance floor, to her left. The crowd was thick; full of young good-looking men and women. Most appeared to be in their twenties.

Her eyes eventually fell on a group of four good looking guys who appeared to be watching her. She stared back, with her most hungry, sexy look. She began moving in a slow, sensuous way moving her whole body to the music. The guys were all grinning now. One raised his glass in her direction.

“Okay,” Bobbi thought. “This looks promising. I just need to get over there without the rest of the group noticing.”

Bobbi stepped down off the stage, and walked to the end of the bar, where Deb had already joined the rest of the group. She ordered another “sex on the beach” and drank it down fast.

“I’m going to the bathroom. Then I think I’ll have a look around,” she told Deb.

Bobbi made her way in the direction of the restroom, then looked back at her friends. No one was watching, so she quickly turned and headed for the main dance floor. She quickly took up a position near the group of guys she had spotted earlier. Once again, she closed her eyes and began moving to the music in a most sensual sort of way. ‘Fucking the music,’ her husband had once called it.

When she opened her eyes, Bobbi found she had been joined by one of the four. He was tall, about six feet. He had a handsome face, with blue eyes and light brown hair. His body was lean and muscular. And, he really knew how to dance!

Bobbi looked him right in the eye, and he began matching her moves. Closer and closed they inched, until they were almost touching. The drinks and loud music had begun to loosen her up. She was feeling very sexual, very aroused. Before she even realized it, she was pressed up against him, grinding together.

At this point, she had no conscious thought, just the music, the general feeling of arousal and the tactile feeling of the firm body pressed against her. Gradually, Bobbi became aware of this young man’s hands running along the sides of her body, over her hips, and down to her ass. Holding her by the ass, he pressed himself against her. Bobbi pressed back, grinding to the music. Through her tight thin dress, she could feel his large erection pressing against her belly.

He leaned his head down. She could feel his hot breath on her neck. “I’m Brad,” he said. “I was watching you earlier, and I like the way you move.”

“My name’s Bobbi, and I can tell you like the way I move. If this big thing against my belly is any indication, you must like it a lot. By the way, I like the way you move, too.”

As they continued to grind, Bobbi became acutely aroused. She could feel her nipples stiffen, and enjoyed the feeling of pressing them into Brad’s lower chest. Her pussy was swelling and her panties were soaked. She realized that, just maybe, she might be able to make this fantasy real after all.

As they danced together, Brad maneuvered Bobbi through the crowded floor right up against the far right wall. Partially hidden from the lights, and concealed from the rest of the club by packed crowd on the floor, they became more bold. Brad backed Bobbi up against the wall, and continued to grind against her. To anyone bothering to notice, it would have appeared as if they were fucking upright to the music.

Brad ran his hands along the sides of Bobbi’s body, still undulating to the music. Her short skirt had been riding high on the thighs from her moves on the dance floor. Normally, Bobby would have been pulling her skirt back down every few minutes. But tonight, knowing her panties and the hot flesh they concealed were less than an inch out of sight was an additional turn-on.

Brad’s hands ran down along the outside of her bare thighs. He gave them a gentle squeeze as he nuzzled Bobbi’s neck.

“I want you,” Brad whispered under his breath into her ear.

The words sent a gentle shudder through her body, centered between her legs. Bobbi leaned her head over and began to nibble Brad’s earlobe. Brad’s right hand inched to the inside, and up her thigh, finding its way easily under the raised skirt to Bobbi’s warm wet satin-covered sex.

“You are making me very, very hot,” she replied.

Brad traced his middle finger along the groove in Bobbi’s panties formed by her damp outer lips. He could feel the damp heat radiating from her cleft.

“I know. I can feel it,” he whispered back. Brad ran his hand up a few inches higher. Finding the elastic top of her low-cut panties, he inched his hand beneath. He felt the small patch of soft fur slide between his fingers as he inched lower. Bobbi held her breath in anticipation, her mind begging him to move just a little faster, to touch her where she desperately needed to be touched.

She felt his middle finger reach its mark, gently tracing down the groove of her now swollen inner lips, and then back again to her firm little bud. He pressed his fingers gently into her, tracing back again toward her warm wet entrance. As she felt his finger enter her, Bobbi parted her legs a little to accommodate him. Brad began a slow rocking motion, gliding his finger in and out, his thumb lightly pressing against her stiffened clit, circling gently.

Bobbi could feel the pressure and the heat of orgasm building within her. Her breathing grew heavy, then grew into gasping. She drew in a quick, sharp breath with each stroke. Bobbi arms, already wrapped around Brad, squeezed him as she felt her knees begin to shake and buckle. She let out a low moan, her pussy tightening its grip on Brad’s finger as she came.

Brad slowly withdrew his damp hand, up past the trim patch of fur, pressing against her belly as it slid out from the confines of Bobbi’s panties. Bobbi looked into Brad’s eyes, swallowed hard despite her dry mouth, and then kissed him deeply.

Bobbi knew she had to have more. But how could she get him back to the hotel without the others knowing? She could not think straight just then. Too much stimulation. And besides, she really did need to use the restroom now!

“I’ve got to go to the ladies’ room,” she said. “Find us a table on the other side?”

Brad nodded his agreement and smiled a sexy smile. Bobbi made her way to the ladies room. As she waited in line, she began to assess the possibilities. Maybe she could go home with him? Obviously that would not work. Her head was swimming with excitement over the very idea. She was also still extremely aroused. She began pressing her thighs together as she thought.

She would give him her hotel and room number, and ask him to follow her after she left with her friends. Maybe wait 30 minutes or so first, just in case some of her friends wanted to talk. That would be long enough to get rid of them, she thought. Yes, that might work.

In the stall, she slipped off her soaking wet thong. After she finished peeing and cleaning up, she began to masturbate, trying to imaging what that large hard cock of Brad’s would be like inside her. The din of the other women in line soon brought her back to reality, and Bobbi stood up and began to pull her thong back up her thighs. Then, she stopped, and pulled it back down. It was just too wet to be comfortable. And, it might prove fun to go without.

Leaving her panties behind, Bobbi walked quickly to the other side of the club, where the tables and booths were set up. She quickly found Brad seated at a table near the corner of the room. It was one of those tall tables with a round top, with two tall barstool chairs. Although it was not as private as a booth, it was sufficiently secluded, being in the corner, to allow her to be bold.

She took her seat by Brad, and she began to get that fluttering feeling of arousal again. Brad asked if she wanted a drink. She smiled, and had a slightly wicked idea. “Yes,” she replied, “but lets play a little game at the same time.”

“Sounds intriguing,” Brad replied.

“First, you guess what color my panties are. If you’re right, you win a prize.”

“What’s the prize?” Brad asked.

“You get what’s in them,” Bobbi replied.

“Well, I know it’s a thong. I could feel that much out on the dance floor. Do I get to feel of them again to get a hint?”

“No, silly,” Bobbi replied. “Just tell me your guess. Then go get me my drink. When you return to the table, look underneath, and I’ll show you if you are right or not.”

“Okay,” Brad replied with a broad grin. “I’ll guess black. Now, what would you like to drink?”

“Sex on the beach.”

“I should have guessed,” said Brad as he headed for the bar.

Bobbi watched as Brad ordered their drinks. Her head was still swimming, and her heart pounded with anticipation. She stared at his firm round ass, and thought of how it would feel in her hands later. She imagined herself on her back, her hands on that ass, as she would pull him deep into her, over and over again as he fucked her.

Brad turned, a drink in each hand. As he walked slowly back to his stool, he paused when he saw he had a clear view under the table. Bobbi smiled, and uncrossed her legs. She felt the air against her swollen lips, protruding from her shaved pussy, paused long enough to be sure Brad had gotten a good look, and recrossed her legs.

Brad took his seat, leaned over and said with a grin, “No fair. It was a trick question. I should win the prize by default.”

“We’ll see,” Bobbi whispered into his ear. “But for now, you get a consolation prize, at least.” Bobbi moved her lips from his ear to his mouth, and offered him an open, wet hungry kiss. Brad’s hand made its way up her thigh. As they kissed, Bobbi parted her legs slightly, just enough to allow access. His touch sent electric currents throughout her body.

His fingers gently moved along her wet swollen lips. Gently pressing, and slowly moving upward, then down. She kissed him harder, their tongues dancing together.

He began to massage her firm clit, now fully protruded from behind its pink rose petal folds. Bobbi began to moan softly as she continued her desperate kiss. Now her hand began searching his thigh. She unzipped Brad’s jeans and gently reached in to caress is large cock, now fully erect.

They broke their kiss and opened their eyes. They stared each other in the eye, their faces only a couple of inches apart, grins now replaced by looks of intense sexual hunger, of desire. Bobbi’s breathing became deeper and faster, as Brad’s two fingers slipped in and out of her pussy.

Bobbi closed her eyes, bit her lower lip and pressed her legs together as she came. All the while, gripping Brad’s cock tightly.

She loosened her grip and opened her eyes. “I think we should finish this somewhere more private,” Bobbi suggested, still breathing heavy.

“Good idea. But first I’ve got to make a visit to the little boy’s room.”

As Bobbi watched Brad disappear into the crowd, she heard a familiar voice over her shoulder.

“There you are. We’ve been looking all over for you. We’ve got to get back. Come on, Carlton already has the van running, and were are all waiting for you.” It was Deb.

Oh shit, Bobbi thought to herself. She had not yet given Brad her hotel and room number. She had no choice but to go with Deb. At least, she thought, she had something to share with her husband, even if she was left frustrated tonight.

Bobbi had not given much thought as to the time. The rest of the group had to get up early to drive home for work the following day. Bobbi did not. She had arranged to take Monday off.

The rest of the group headed of to their rooms. It was already after 11:00. Bobbi closed the door, and slipped off the dress. Not bothering to put anything on, she just slipped under the covers into bed.

The problem was, she just could not get to sleep. It was now after midnight. She was still too awake, too over-stimulated and just too damn horny to sleep. Then, Bobbi remembered the hot tub. Maybe the soothing jets of hot water would help her to relax. Bobbi got up and looked in her suitcase for her bathing suit. No luck. It had to be there; she always packs one. Looking through everything for the third time, it occurred to her that maybe this time, she forgot.

Just great, she thought. The one time she really needed one, she forgot to pack it. Still, she had never seen anyone in the tub the whole time she was there. And it was very secluded, hidden behind several large shrubs, and shielded from view by the lattice work of the gazebo.

She peeked out the window. The main lights were off in the courtyard. Only the ankle-high lights along the winding brick sidewalks were on. The veranda, just a few yards away from her door, appeared dark and deserted.

Bobbi walked back to the bathroom and took the thick white robe from off the hook behind the door. Putting it on, the thought to herself that if there was anyone in the hot tub, she could just go back to the room. If it were empty, surely it would remain empty for the night. She could just slip off the robe by the tub once she was safely hidden within the gazebo.

She slipped the room key into the pocket of her robe, and quietly closed the door behind her. Bobbi walked as quietly as she could the few feet down the lush winding path to the hot tub. Sure enough, it was dark and empty.

Bobbi’s eyes adjusted quickly to the darkness. She found the controls for the tub and set the timer for maximum. Looking around once more to be certain no one could see, she slipped quickly out of her robe and into the soothing hot water of the tub.

In no time, the sound of the bubbles, the hot water and the massaging jets had Bobbi’s mind drifting. She felt herself relax completely. Her mind began to wander. What would her husband say when she told him of her adventure?

She began to daydream, thinking about what it might have been like to feel Brad’s warm mouth between her legs, lapping and sucking on her swollen lips; his tongue lightly flicking her clit. How would his cock have felt in her mouth? She imagined taking in the head and slowly circling her tongue around it, over and over, driving him wild. She imagined him on top of her, feeling his large cock enter her for the first time.

With these images swimming through her mind, she began to react to her body. Under the cover of the bubbling water, her hands began lightly stroking the body; fingers tracing down her belly, along her thighs. Her left hand found its way between her legs, and began caressing her velvety lips and swelling clit.

After a little while, Brad wasn’t Brad any more. Now he was the handsome competitor from Orlando she had seen earlier at the tournament. She remembered the look of his bare shoulders and torso, and imagined her own hands lightly running over his finely sculpted muscles.

Her right hand began massaging her breasts, tweaking her nipples. She imagined herself walking up to him, as he had stood earlier on the competition arena floor. This time, instead of watching him change shirts from a distance, she saw herself walk up to him. She imagined herself taking the fresh shirt from his hands and dropping it to the floor. Then she ran her hands lightly over his muscled chest, down the sides of his abdomen, and slide down his pants.

In her daydream, Bobbi saw herself kneel in front of this handsome naked man right there in the arena in front of everyone, and take his large pulsing cock into her mouth.

Now she had each hand on a nipple, just hidden below the surface of the water. Then both hands together pressed along her torso and ran down to her pussy. Both hands went to their work, with two fingers of the left hand sliding inside her, while the fingers of the right stroked her swollen clit.

In her dream state, Bobbi was not completely aware that she was even doing these things. Nor was she aware that she was no longer alone.

She opened her eyes and thought she saw a figure by the opening to the veranda, on the other side of the hot tub. It took a moment for this to register in her mind, and as she began to return to reality, she opened her eyes again.

At first, Bobbi thought the figure before her was a part of her daydream. Standing before her, wearing nothing but a swimsuit, was the very man she had been daydreaming about: the lean muscular competitor she had been fantasizing about. His handsome face grinned from ear to ear.

“Sorry to disturb you,” he said, “but you looked like you were having a really good time.”

Bobbi knew she had been caught in the act. Despite her embarrassment, there was no use in trying to hide what she had been doing. Still, she slipped a little deeper into the tub. With the memory of what she really wanted to do to this young man so fresh in her mind, she thought ‘what the hell.’

“Well, since you are here and you have already interrupted me, you may as well join me,” she said with a smile, trying hard to hide her embarrassment.

“But,” she added, “you are way overdressed. If you are going to join me, it would only be fair for you to wear no more than me.”

“That’s fine,” he replied. “I’m not a bit shy.”

Bobbi had been looking over his lean, perfectly proportioned body while she spoke. To her amazement, he simply slid his suit down and stood there a moment looking back at her. What she saw was even better than what she had imagined. There above his muscular legs was one of the largest specimens of manhood she had ever seen. Only semi-erect, it still had to be six or seven inches.

He stepped into the pool, and her view was gone. For a few moments, they both just sat there, on opposite ends of the tub, he with his eyes closed, Bobbi trying not to stare. She was not sure what to do next. Those awkward seconds seemed like minutes.

Then, she thought she felt his foot brush against her leg. And then she felt it again. Now she was sure he was trying to stroke her leg with his foot. She now noticed a slight grin cross his face.

She decided to be bold. She moved around next to him.

“So, what brings you out so late,” she asked.

“I couldn’t sleep. Thought this might help. And you?” he replied.

“The same. The truth is, I was horny as hell, and thought this might help me relax.” She couldn’t believe she had just said that. But, there was no going back now.

“And did it help?” he replied.

As he spoke, Bobbi became aware of his hand beginning to gently stroke her thigh.

“Not really. And that’s only going to make it worse,” she said.

“Do you want me to stop?”

Bobbi gently grabbed his hand and circled herself around from beside him to directly in front of him, right between his knees.

“No!” she said firmly, “I want you to finish it!”

She placed his hand between her legs, and leaned over to kiss him. If he had any doubts before, her kiss answered them with complete resolution. It was an aggressive, hungry kiss, full of passion and sexual energy.

Bobbi opened her eyes and looked directly into his. Her look of pure desire made her intentions obvious. She stood up, took him by the hand, and led him up the steps out of the tub. Pausing only to pick up her robe, she pulled him by the hand to her nearby door.

Finding the key in her robe pocket, she opened the door and gave him a gentle push inside, shutting the door behind them. They embraced, and resumed the sexually charged kiss they had begun in the tub. Her arms wrapped around his wet, naked body, she could feel his erection grow larger and larger against her belly. Her arms encircled him, and she began running her hands down his wet back, feeling firm muscles beneath tan skin. Her hands came to rest on his firm round rear. Cupping his ass in her hands, she pulled him tight against her.

Bobbi broke the kiss, stepped back half a step, and gently pushed him back, backing him up to the edge of the bed. She then gently pushed him down. She took a moment to gaze at the prodigious manhood standing erect before her. Now fully erect, it had to be at least nine inches or more long, and was quite thick as well, making it look perfectly proportioned.

Bobbi climbed onto the bed beside her fantasy man, and gently took his cock into her hands. She gazed at it and stroked it lightly, enjoying the texture and taking in every inch, every curve with her eyes and fingers. As she held it gingerly in one hand, she let the fingertips of other glide over its length, exploring every inch, from its base, along the long broad shaft, around the crown of its large smooth head.

Bobbi then lowered her mouth over the round purple head, so that her lips were just over its edges. Her lips found the valley running along the underside of bulbous tip. She then ran her tongue around its edges, and then circle it, again and again, relishing its smooth texture.

She then released it from her lips, and began running her tongue along the length of the shaft. Slowly up one side and down the other, lightly running her tongue along the head each time. With each pass, his organ became increasingly lubricated with her saliva.

Once again, Bobbi slipped the bulbous head past her lips. She then began to take in as much as she could – only a few inches at most. Grasping the shaft in one hand, and using the other for support, she began stroking his length with her mouth. First taking as much is as she could, and then slowly withdrawing him until she felt the edges of the head against her lips. Then down again. Then slowly out again. She began stroking the lubricated shaft as well, in time with the motions of her mouth.

Bobbi began to feel his cock gently spasm in her mouth, and she could taste his pre-cum. She withdrew its length completely, and began slowly, firmly stroking it in her hand. She looked him in the eye and said, “now its my turn.”

Releasing her grip, Bobbi crawled up further on the bed, and climbed atop him, sitting on his face. She didn’t have to say another word. Placing her hands on the headboard to steady herself, she felt his mouth immediately upon her.

He began by licking her from the very bottom of her opening all the way up to and past her firm swollen clit. His strokes were slow and firm. Again and again, with measured sure firm strokes he licked her. His tongue pressing firmly, parting her lips, it would make its way past her firm clit with a flick.

Next, he took her engorged lips into his mouth, gently sucking them and rolling his tongue over them. He felt their rose-petal velvety texture as he rolled them around and around with his tongue. Bobbi could feel him run his tongue first along one side, then along the other. Then he resumed rolling it in circles, gently parting and tugging at the soft engorged folds.

Bobbi’s abs began to tighten, her nipples felt electric. Each roll of his tongue past her clit sent a wave of electric charge through those nipples. She moved her hands to her own breasts, and began pressing them, massaging them, and gently pinching the nipples in time with his rolling tongue.

He then turned his attention to her now firm, protruding clit, itself. Gently drawing it into his mouth with light suction, his tongue began to explore – first the sides, then the top, then the bottom, avoiding the sensitive nub itself.

Bobbi felt she was starting to cum. When his tongue at last found and began to stroke her sensitive tip, she exploded with wave after wave of spasms. Finally, she had to raise up, to get him to release her from the intensity.

Still breathing heavy, she rolled over and grabbed a condom from out of the suitcase by the bed. Taking the latex sheath from out of the package, she then rolled it down over his swollen head, and down his shaft, now fully upright again.

Bobbi rolled over, pulling him on top of her. She reached down and found his hard shaft already nearly in perfect position. She grasped it in her hand and placed its head against her swollen lips. She began slowly rubbing it up and down the length of the slit, again and again, before she felt him press his way in.

She felt his large round knob slip into her portal slowly. He paused a moment, then began to enter her very, very slowly. She could feel him stretching her, inch by inch. She felt as if he filled her completely, yet he still kept sliding slowly in, deeper and deeper. At last, she could feel his pelvic bone pressing against hers. Bobbi could not believe that she had been able to accommodate his entire length.

She held him there for a moment. Then, she felt him begin to withdraw. He slowly backed out half his length, and then plunged back in completely. This sudden sensation of being so completely filled took her breath away.

He repeated this motion, pulling out slowly, so slowly, further and further each time, and with each stroke, plunging back in fast and firm. Bobbi began rocking her pelvis, meeting his strokes. Within minutes, she began to feel an orgasm welling up. At last, she gripped his ass and firmly planted his cock deep within her and held him there, while wave after wave of orgasm washed over her. Bobbi’s inner walls contracted in spasm after spasm, gripping this large cock, as if to prevent it from leaving.

He reached his own orgasm in time with Bobbi’s. As she moaned and shuttered, the young man tensed up, his entire existence concentrated in his shaft, buried deep within Bobbi. He exploded deep within her, pulsing over and over again.

They held each other, as their panting slowly became breathing once again. They kissed deeply, and held each other a moment.

But the heat of their bodies and their desire began to rekindle quickly. His shaft still buried deep inside her, the young man raised up slightly and moved his mouth down Bobbi’s chest, until it came to one of her erect nipples. Cupping her breast underneath with his hand, he began alternately sucking and nibbling her nipple. The sensation sent electric shocks directly to Bobbi’s pussy. He then gently massaged her breast, and nuzzled into her neck.

Bobbi’s muscles completely relaxed, and he withdrew his still erect tool from deep within her. Bobbi purred, and rolled over, raising her rear end high into the air.

“Take me from behind,” she said.

He repositioned himself behind her. She could soon feel his massive cockhead pressing against her sex. She pressed back against it, pulling him just inside. It was all the invitation he needed. With one long sure stroke, he filled her again, completely.

He began stroking her long and hard. Faster and faster, pulling almost all the way out, and then plunging back again. Pulling out, then plunging deep. Pulling out, plunging deep, all the way in. His arm encircled her, his hand finding its way to her breast, pressing it hard against her, lightly pinching her nipple.

Bobbi was nearly out of breath now, as he increased the pace, stroking, stroking, stroking, stroking…until at last she could feel him plunge in deep, and explode inside her. Bobbi met him stroke for stroke, and as he pushed his way in deep and hard for the last time, she had pressed back against him, tensing in her own waves of orgasm.

Bobbi collapsed under him, and he lay pressed up against her back. She purred, as he gingerly kissed her neck.

She didn’t remember falling asleep. But when Bobbi awoke the next morning, the clock read 9:30, and her mysterious daydream-cum-true lover was gone. As Bobbi packed her bags and prepared to check out, her sore legs told her that it was not all just a dream.

She certainly would have a good adventure to share with her husband. She had no doubt it would turn him on completely to hear her describe it in full detail. It was sure she would get a repeat performance that evening from him after hearing all about it. Bobbi could hardly wait.

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