My name name is Mark.  I live in Skokie, IL with my wife of 15 years.  My life was pretty plain vanilla up until 3 months ago when my wife, Andrea, brought up my lack of activity.
“What are you planning on doing today honey?” my wife asked.
“I don’t know, probably watch the Bulls game,” I replied.
“You need to get a hobby or something. Anything besides sitting on that couch.”
I had to admit I didn’t have much to do.  So I picked up a booklet with classes offered at the local community college.  Thumbing through the pages, I stopped at “Photography for Beginners”.  Last year Andrea bought me a nice digital camera for Christmas.
I asked my wife, “What about photography?”
She smiled and said, “I think that is a great idea.  I’ll tell you what. If you start taking classes you can use me as a model.”
Over the next few weeks I attended the classes every Monday.  We started taking pictures of nature.  I would walk around the park and work on my focusing and use of light.  The next phase of the class dealt with people.
“Honey, remember when you said you would model for me if I began taking photography classes.  Well the time has come.”
Andrea blushed a little.  She was always kinda shy but a deal was a deal.
“What would you like me to wear?” Andrea asked.
I replied, “What about the red dress?”
She laughed and said, “I don’t think so.  That dress is too short and too tight.”
“Come one. There are 10 old ladies and one guy in the class.  I’m not posting this in the newspaper.”
Andrea relented and put on the red dress.  It was a lot of fun posing her in various positions and I could tell she loved it.  I brought the pictures into the next class and everyone was very supportive.
Ted, the other guy in the class, was black  He was about 35 and recently divorced.  He approached me and said, “Your wife is amazing.  I don’t remember the last time I saw such a beautiful woman.”
As we both reviewed my pictures I had to admit I was a very lucky man.  Andrea has long blond hair, flawless skin and a rockin body.  Her full 34 DD breasts and large butt always got attention.  She thought she still had some weight to lose from our last baby, but I thought she looked great.
Ted asked, “Do you mind if I take a couple pictures of your wife for my portfolio?”
At first I was going to say no but then I thought maybe Andrea might be up for it.  I called home and asked if she would mind if I brought my classmate home to take some pictures of her for a team project.
“I guess it is ok. You don’t have any friends you hang out with anymore and this might be a good way of meeting one.  I am ok with it.”
We drove to my house and when Andrea opened the door I could see a little shock in her eyes.  She didn’t know Ted was black.  We went downstairs to set up our cameras.
I turned to Andrea and said, “How about we start with what you are wearing now?”
Ted and I began taking several pictures of Andrea and I could tell she loved the attention.  Ted and I both wanted to see some skin so I kinda made up a story.
“The assignment this week covers swimsuits.  Can you change into the black one piece you have?”
I could tell Andrea was a little unsettled with a stranger seeing her in her swimsuit.
“It almost has as much fabric as the red dress.  You look amazing in it.”
Andrea relented and went upstairs to change into the one piece.
I whispered to Ted, “Don’t worry that’s just the start.  We will get her to show some more skin latter.”
Andrea came downstairs and I could see Ted’s face light up.  While the swimsuit was a little boring it did help show off her amazing body.  We blew up a beach ball and took some great shots of her with it. I couldn’t help but notice the erection in Ted’s pants.
“Honey, how about changing into the green bikini.”
“Mark, that is a string bikini.  It leaves little to the imagination.”
I replied, “Pleassse.  You look amazing.  We are just trying to win the photo contest next week.”
Andrea sighed and gave me a dirty look.  She went back to our bedroom to change.
Ted said, “Your wife is so hot.  Thank you for letting me take these.”
Andrea came back downstairs in the tiny green bikini.  She turned around and our jaws dropped when we saw that beautiful bare ass.  My heart fluttered.  I went to the fridge to grab some beers.  I knew alcohol would help Andrea relax.
We began snapping picture after picture.  Although Andrea was nervous at first she eventually warmed up.  We were all joking around and my wife was laughing really loud.  After a couple shots we were all kinda toasted.
“Andrea, one of the rules in the class is that we have to incorporate ourselves into a few of the pictures.  I am going to go put on my swimsuit and I’ll be back down.”
I could tell she was exited about getting some shots of us together.  Ted was doing a great job.  We embraced each other and kissed several times.
“Ok, it is Ted’s turn.  You can wear one of my swimsuits.”
Andrea blushed and looked concerned.
“Andrea, everything is ok.  It is just a couple pictures.  We can’t qualify if we both aren’t in the pictures.”
That was total bullshit but I thought Ted would love to get close to Andrea.  I got a swimsuit from upstairs and he put it on.
“Ok a similar shot guys.  Ted, hold Andrea in your arms.”
Andrea was still nervous so I started making a few jokes as I snapped away.  After a minute or so she started to relax.  My dick was straining at my pants.  I could only imagine what was pressing against my wife.
“Now give her a big kiss.”
Andrea must have been caught up in the eroticism of the moment because she did not try to escape Ted’s advance.  I took several photos of them together.  I felt I could explode right there.
I decided to push my luck and said, “Ted can you untie her top.  That would look really hot.”
I couldn’t believe that Andrea didn’t protest as he reached behind and took her top off.  My beautiful wife was pressing her large firm breasts against Ted’s bare chest.  I could only imagine how Ted felt with those hard nipples pushed up against his skin.  I took several more pictures of them together.  The contrast of their skin was amazing.
“Ted, go ahead and remove her bottom.”
Reaching down he untied one side.  This is it.  My wife was about to be completely naked and with this handsome black man.  I was so excited!  One more tie to undo!  I felt everything was in slow motion as his fingers pulled out the last knot.  I was so scared she would stop his advances.
Then in an almost magical moment those tiny bikini bottoms dropped elegantly to the floor.  Andrea was completely naked now.  I was going to watch this stud nail my wife!
I felt an overwhelming desire to help Ted’s conquest.
“Ted, go ahead and remove your shorts.”
Ted pulled the shorts down to reveal a thick 10 inch dick, which was rock hard.  Andrea looked down and gasped.  Ted’s balls were massive and swollen.  I could imagine how much baby batter was sitting in them.
I spoke up, “I’ll get the condoms.”
Suddenly Andrea snapped out of the erotic funk she was in and said, “I’m not going to fuck him.  I thought we were just taking some pictures.”
“Honey, I don’t want you to do anything you are not comfortable with.  I took some amazing pictures of the two of you.  I can tell Ted is really worked up.  Do you think you might be able to help him out and release a little pressure for him.  Maybe a hand job.”
Andrea’s breathing intensified as she stared down at the giant rock hard cock.
“I suppose I could,” she relented.
Grabbing Ted’s dick with both hands she began milking him.  Ted leaned over and began kissing my wife.  I remember before we started having sex Andrea would give me unbelievable hand jobs.  She was very talented and I could see Ted was in heaven.  She reached down with one hand to massage the massive balls.
After several minutes I could tell Andrea’s arms were getting tied and poor Ted still couldn’t cum.
“Honey, maybe you can give him a little head.  I’m sure that would finish him off in no time.”
Exhausted and realizing she couldn’t stop now, Andrea got down on her knees and grabbed the base of his shaft with her right hand.  She then lowered her puckered lips over the shiny black head.  Ted’s head rocked backwards and let out a loud grown.  He was in heaven!
Milking the dick with her luscious full lips, Andrea would pause for a second to wipe her tongue across the head.  Ted had grabbed the back of her head and was rocking it back and forth.
Finally he announced he was going to cum.  Andrea’s eyes and cheeks bulged as Ted began emptying a huge load of cum into her mouth.
Ted said, “Don’t swallow yet”.
Andrea did as she was told and let her mouth fill with his hot thick semen.
Ted motioned to me and whispered, “You probably want to get a few shots of this.”
My wife opened her pretty little mouth to show me the 3 tablespoons of cum sitting in her mouth.
Ted said, “Make sure you get my dick in these shots so no one thinks that this is your cum.”
After a couple more pictures Ted told my wife to swallow.  I could see her throat bulge as she gulped the thick seed.
“Next time I’ll dump some seed in your pussy or ass.  See you next week.”
Ted gathered his clothes and let himself out of the house.  My dick was rock solid.  Never did I ever think I would see my wife swallow a huge load from a black man.
We sat there for a few minutes, neither of us knowing what to say.  Andrea’s chest was still rising up and down as she worked to catch her breath.
Finally she spoke, “I can’t believe I did that.”
“What are you talking about.  That was amazing!”
She was in a daze as she picked up her clothes and walked upstairs.
We didn’t talk about what happened for 2 months.  Finally I mustered the courage to bring it up.
“I have been thinking a lot about your photo shoot with Ted lately.  It was sooo hot.  I would love it if we could do it again.”
My wife replied, “I still can’t believe I did that.  You know he wants to fuck me.  It that what you want.  You want your loving wife to fuck another man!”
I stammered, “Well..yes..that exactly what I want.  I want Ted to fill you with that giant black cock.”
She began to tear up.  I pulled down my pants to show my rock hard penis.
“Look how hard I am,” I said.
I could tell she knew how turned on I was.  I would do anything to watch her spread those legs for Ted.
Her emotions went from anger, to sorrow to pity.  She knew I couldn’t let this go.  I would pursue this until she dropped her panties for this black man.
“I won’t fuck him, but I’ll do another photo shoot.  Maybe that will give you some more jack off material.”
I was ecstatic and immediately called Ted to set up a session on Friday.
When Ted arrived on Friday I could tell that Andrea was very nervous.  I got everyone some drinks and I tried to get my wife more relaxed.
“I would like to work on a theme today entitled “The Honeymoon”  You should probably be wearing white lingerie like a bride would.”
Andrea said, “But I don’t have any sexy white lingerie.”
“What about your bridal lingerie?”, I asked.
“Don’t you think that is a little personal?  The last time I wore that was on our honeymoon 15 years ago.”
My dick jumped in excitement of watching Ted be the second man to peal the same bridal lingerie off my wife.  Andrea probably never thought she would get more than one night of use out of it.
I begged, “Please, it would look sooo sexy.”
Andrea smiled and relented.  “Ok, I’ll go put it on.”
When Andrea came down the stairs we both stopped mid sentence.  Andrea had on a lacy strapless white corset that pushed her breasts together.  On each leg was white pantie hose which were connected to sheer white panties.  She was wearing white stilettos that showed off her beautiful legs and a pearl necklace I gave her on our 5th anniversary.  My wife had not lost her body after all these years.  When she got to the base of the stairs she turned around and showed off her amazing ass.  I wanted to rip the thong panties off her and ravage her right there but I knew that Andrea belonged to Ted tonight.
“I would like to take a few pictures of you two together.  Andrea how about you get on your hands and knees and Ted get behind her like you are fucking.”
Ted stared down at the g string panties and smiled.  I could see the lust in his eyes.
“Now lay your cock on her ass.”
I got some great shots of Ted’s long thick cock resting on Andreas butt.
“Now peel off those panties and push your head against her pussy like you are fucking.  These are going to be some amazing shots.”
She looked back at me with a concerned look as Ted pulled the panties off.  Precum had accumulated on the tip of his dick.  Technically there could be some sperm in there so I chose not to say anything to Andrea.  I didn’t want her to get concerned and stop this.
As Ted’s bare cock pushed up against Andrea’s pussy, Andrea trembled in anticipation.  Neither of us knew if Ted would just thrust his penis inside.
I got some great close up shots.
“Just push the head in.  I don’t want any fucking.  That’s not what we are doing here.”
As Ted began to push the head into my lovely wife she gasped.  Ted’s definition of “just the head” differed from my definition.  He managed to slide a third of his cock in her.  My dick was rock hard as I snapped picture after picture.
“Now pull out a little.”
As Ted pulled out I focused my camera on the dark shaft, glistening from my wife’s juices.
“Ok, great shot.  You can push it back in.”
Ted pushed a good two thirds of is cock in Andrea.  I could tell she was in some pain as she was not used to the girth.
“Mark, I think is would be a great shot if I just buried my dick balls deep.  What do you think?”
“What do you think honey?”
“I”, Andrea replied.
Ted grabbed her hips and pushed all the way in.  She had never been penetrated this deep before.  Finally Ted’s instincts could not be controlled and be began fucking Andrea.  I let it go on for a minute when I said, “Hay Ted, this is art not porn”
I could tell Andrea was confused as to where this was going.  She looked ashamed at what had happened but also delirious with lust.  As Ted pulled out I could hear Andrea breathing heavy.
Andrea put the panties back on and said, “I think we should go upstairs to get more comfortable.”
Ted put his robe back on.  My wife grabbed Ted’s strong black hand and ledhimp up the stairs.  Her firm ass was inches from his face.
After we got to the second level I had thought Andrea might stop at the guest room but to my delight she led Ted right into our room.  The idea of Ted taking my wife in our marital bed sent shivers up my spine!  After Ted sat down on the bed Andrea offered to get some drinks and I followed her into the kitchen.
I pulled out a condom and pushed it down into the cup of Andreas corset.  “Ted should probably wear this.”
Andrea’s eyes lit up and she gave me a big hug and kiss.  I cupped her ass cheeks and looked into the kitchen mirror back at my wife in her beautiful lingerie.
It was dusk and the golden sunlight peaked through the blinds and cascaded over my wife’s amazing body.  It was a bit warmer upstairs and the air was a bit stale.  My cock was straining against my underwear as my heart raced.  I never thought I would ever see my wife fuck another man.
Ted was standing up with his legs pressed up against the back of the bed.  I sat down in a chair in the corner of the room directly behind Andrea.  She looked so sexy in her bridal lingerie.
She pulled the condom out of her corset and said, “If these pictures are supposed to look like a honeymoon, it doesn’t seem right that a wife would have her husband wear a condom.  From an artist viewpoint what do you think?”
Andrea’s bosom was heaving as she began to blush.  I could see she was frightened and excited at the same time.  My head said no but my dick said yes.
“While you think about it honey I am going to put my diaphragm in.”
Andrea put the condom back into her corset and went to the bathroom.
When she came back out her long blond hair was perfectly combed.  Andrea walked up to Ted and gave him a big hug and kiss.  He dropped his strong black hands down to grab her ass.  I began taking pictures of them.  They were kissing like newlyweds and I started to feel out of place.  Ted began undoing the ties on the back of the corset.  Andrea pulled the condom out of the corset and held in in her hand.  He finally managed to pull the string free and the corset dropped to the floor.
The white silk panties were the last barricade to their lovemaking and all of us knew it.  They represented my final chance to pull the plug.  Ted took his time unsnapping the garter belt and pulling it down.  My dick was rock solid and I felt that if I touched it with one finger I’d blow my load.
I kept taking pictures as Ted inserted a thumb under both sides of her panties and slowly pulled the panties down her legs.  Andrea stepped out of them and Ted picked them up.  He rolled them up and placed them into the pocket of his robe.  Those panties belonged to him now.  They were his trophy.  I would never have the privilege of peeling them off Andrea again.
She turned around and looked at me.  She only had on her stockings, her wedding ring and a condom in her hand.
Andrea waved the condom back and forth a little and asked, “What are we going to do with this rubber?”
“Let me have it”
A big smile came across her face as she dropped the condom into my hand.
Andrea turned back to Ted wrapped him up in her arms.  As she tilted her up upwards to kiss him he dropped his muscular hands down to her hips.  My wife belonged to Ted now.
“I want these pictures to look like a newlywed’s honeymoon so I want a lot of passion.  I don’t want this to be like a cheap porno.”
I moved to a chair at the base of the bed so I could get a better view.  Andrea knelt down and cupped his large swollen balls in her left hand.  I snapped a close up picture of her small hand holding the balls while her wedding ring sparkled down below.  I took another picture of the delight on her face.
Andrea smiled and looked up at Ted and said, “These look pretty full and swollen.  I think you need some relief.”
Ted confessed, “I haven’t cum in a week.”
We were both excited about how much cum Ted must have.  I couldn’t wait to see him coat my wife’s vagina with his thick potent seed.
She took her right hand and squeezed the base of his cock.  Precum flowed out and glistened in the dusk light.  Andrea leaned down and licked the top of his cock.  I got an amazing picture of the precum sitting on her tongue.
Andrea looked back up at Ted and said, “You taste really good.  Much better than my husband.”
She lowered her thick juicy lips down onto the rigid shaft.  Ted’s cock was very thick so she had to open her mouth and jaw as far as she could go.  In a slow and sexy rhythm, Andrea began milking the cock.  I took several pictures of Ted’s saliva coated penis.
After a few minutes Andrea stopped sucking the cock and lifted it up against his belly.  She leaned downwards and began licking the giant balls.  Ted’s jaw dropped in pleasure as he looked at me.  He was in heaven.  Andrea was a pro at fellatio and I was happy that another man was able to enjoy her talents.
Ted said, “It should be a crime for any man to keep this talent to himself.  You need to set her completely free Mark.  She could make hundreds of men very very happy.”
As she pulled the cock back into her mouth I could tell Ted was close to cumming.  Would she have him spray it on her tits, would she swallow?

Ted’s face began to contort as he yelled out that we was going to come.  I readied my camera.
Ted pulled his giant cock out of Andrea’s mouth and aimed it at her mouth.  A large glob of semen shot out of his dick and slashed across her right cheek.  The second shot hit her chin and ran down her neck.  Delirious with excitement she grabbed the base of his cock and wrapped her lips around the head.  As Ted continued to cum I could see the muscles in her throat contract.  I kept taking pictures as she swallowed the steamy hot cum.
As she continued to milk the cock dry I gazed down at her bountiful breasts.  Ted’s semen had run down her cleavage and stopped at her pubic hair.  I had never seen such lust in my wife’s eyes.
Ted scooped up the cum on Andrea’s cheek with his finger and held in in front of her mouth.  My wife smiled as she closed her eyes and sucked his finger clean.  He then scooped up the remaining semen off her neck and asked her to stand up.
Ted inserted his finger into Andrea’s pussy.  Her head flung backwards as she let out a sigh.  Those sperm were now on there way, determined to find one of my wife’s eggs.  The idea that my wife could get pregnant exited me beyond comprehension.  Although Andrea was 38, she was still young enough to get pregnant.
I got to thinking about those sperm on their way.  They didn’t care if my wife was white or black or Asian.  For some reason I felt like I should be giving these guys a chance.  If they couldn’t get to Andrea’s cervix they wouldn’t live long.
“Honey, maybe we should ditch the diaphragm”
Andrea looked back at me and said, “Are you crazy?”
“I just think that if you guys are going to do this, you should do it naturally.”
I could tell that my wife was conflicted.
“Look, I just think it would be so hot if you fuck Ted with no contraception.  Just once, one shot.  If not now you know I won’t stop bugging you until you do.”
Andrea went to the bathroom and removed the diaphragm.  When she came back into the bedroom she walked over to me and dropped the diaphragm into my hand.  Leaning up to my ear she whispered, “I’m ovulating.”
Andrea climbed on top of the bed and dropped her head down to the pillow with her ass up in the air. Grabbing both sides of Andrea’s hips, Ted pushed his cock deeper into my wife.  His grip was firm, taking complete control of Andrea’s body.  Ted pulled her head to the side and gave her a passionate kiss.
Ted continued thrusting into her, her ass shaking every time his massive tool would slam into her pussy.  The hot stale air in the room was causing them to sweat profusely.  I snapped several pictures as Ted stopped for a second and pulled her hair towards him so he could plant a deep kiss on my wife.  The passion in their faces was amazing!
Ted was fucking her in a violent nature which I never had before.  To me she was my loving wife, but to him she was a sex toy.  The aggression in his thrusts was perverse as it was erotic.
Ted reached down and grabbed her left breast and squeezed it as hard as possible.  Andrea winced in pain but it was clearly secondary to the pounding her pussy was getting.
Ted pulled out of her and laid down on the bed.  Without any hesitation Andrea climbed on top of him and lowered herself onto the black cock.  Ted’s hands were now free to massage her ass and breasts.  Andrea was bucking so hard her tits were hitting Ted in the face.
Out of breath from such a work out, Ted said, “I am gonna cum!”
My dick grew even harder as he flipped Andrea on her belly and pushed her all the way down on the bed.  Entering her from behind he completely covered my wife.  It was a position of pure domination.  He was dominating my wife, our marriage and he was intent on putting a little black baby inside her.
With the both of them screaming in ecstasy he thrust ed into her with everything he had.  Ted tensed up and began filling her pussy with load after load of thick black cum.
I took several shots of Ted’s cock buried in Andrea’s pussy.  Cum was leaking out and dripping on the bed.  He pulled out and went to the bathroom.
I got into the bed as Andrea spread her legs wide apart.
“Look what Ted did to me.  He filled me up with all this thick black cum.  What a naughty boy.”
My dick was about to explode as I pushed my face close to her pussy.  The smell of the sweat and semen was very intense.  I scooped up some of the cum and pushed it into her vagina.
I laughed and whispered, “Every drop helps.”
My wife was shocked. She said, “You really want him to get me pregnant don’t you!”
“Yes, oh yes.  The thought off one of those sperm getting one of your eggs is such a turn on.”
I could tell she was angry.
“Well you will probably get your wish.  I told you I am fertile.”
Ted came back from the bathroom and got into bed.  I got up as Ted and Andrea got into a spooning position.  Ted nibbled on her ear and grabbed her breast.
Andrea turned to me and said, “I want to be with Ted alone.”
My heart sank a little but I understood.  I went downstairs to the computer to look at the pictures I had taken. At first they were relatively innocent but towards the end they were quite explicit.  I so wanted to email them to all my friends.  Look what my wife did!  They would be so jealous!
I began to masturbate to the photos.  Andrea was so beautiful!  I was in heaven flipping through all of them.  I could hear my wife moan upstairs.  They were at it again, this time for themselves.  It was too much to see and hear and I blew a huge load onto the desk.  I don’t remember ever cumming so hard in my life.
Delirious with lust, I wanted to show someone else.  I know Andrea would kill me if she found out but I could not help myself.  Picking out the best pictures I zipped them into a file and sent them to by buddy John.
I grabbed the phone and called John up.
“Hay John this is Ted.  You have to check your email!”
“Ok ok.  Give me a second”
I could hear him typing on his computer.  Then I heard his response.
“Wow.  Very hot.  Wait…is that Andrea?  Did she cheat on you?”
I replied, “No, no.  This is part of a photo shoot I call “The honeymoon”.  The black guy is in my photo class.  They are just modeling.”
“He isn’t just in your photo class he is in your wife.  I can’t believe you would let Andrea fuck another man.  Especially with a tool that size.”
“Look its just art.”
John was flabbergasted, “No condom!  You let him fuck Andrea bareback.  Please tell me he at least pulled out.”
“Haha no.  That would ruin the theme of the photo shoot.”
Just as I said that John got the the cream pie shot.
“Wow, he really filled her up.  Nice!  These are amazing pictures.  I have always had a thing for your wife.  I am definitely cranking it to these.  Can I show these to my wife.”
I knew I should say no but I was just too proud.  “Ok show them to her but that’s it.  Andrea would kill me if she found out.”
Ted continued to have sex with Andrea for weeks.  Sometimes I was allowed to watch and sometimes not.  After the first encounter Andrea insisted on on using contraception.
On the third week I came home from work to find Andrea crying.
“I knew I should have kept the diaphram in.”
She handed me the pregnancy test.  It was positive.  The father had to be Ted because Andrea and I had not had sex for over a month and even then we used contraception.  Andrea had approached me a few times for sex but I told her if she is going to fuck anyone I thought it should be Ted.
I walked up to Andrea and gave her a big hug to console her.  It only took her a few seconds to tell that I had a raging boner.
“You asshole.  I just told you that I am carrying another man’s baby and you have a hard on!”
I responded, “I’m sorry but the idea that Ted knocked you up is just so erotic. This is amazing!”
Andrea roared back, “And what about our friends and family.  How will that look when I am carrying around a little brown baby.  You are going to look like a fool!”
“I don’t care”
Andrea said, “You are cut off.  From now on only Ted will be fucking me because he is a man.”
It was the icing on the cake. I immediately came in my pants.

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